Can Bunkers be Better?

Bunkers, A place full of loot and a perfect safe house, some big some small but always a walk in the park capture, especially with signs to give directions.

I expected more honestly and I never had to prep to capture one, its missing a certain flair and Hope to talk about what would make them better…any Ideas??


Bunkers have improved much since launch. The addition of signs prevents players from getting lost, and missions taking place within them have been streamlined so that you get to explore as much as possible.

I do agree that they seem like great safehouses, but considering how quickly the Machines infiltrated them (and filled some with toxic gas) it may not be entirely ideal. Good place to scavenge from, though. A while ago someone suggested that they could serve as dungeons, full of enemies and better loot. That sounds the most interesting to me.


I’mma disagree and say improved much is bit of an understatement. While I don’t think the addition of signs is bad. From a level design perspective the bunker missions themselves aren’t really that fun. It’s just run around for the generator and maybe have to turn on reserve power. Navigation was the only decent challenge cause the compass and POI shows exactly where you need to go.

Bunkers need more spice, perhaps some of that revamp resources would do them good. Even if GZ is moving away from the grounded and dark tone that was establibsed in the vanilla release, I think they should make the bunkers more scary. Kinda like FOA4, get that feeling of uneasiness of being underground not knowing what could happen.


Well, I am for revamping bunkers into dungeons, even if it means them ceasing to be savehouses (much like FOA4 or Muskudden Port Complex). I mean these bunkers hold strategic value for region control, FNIX should have high priority of keeping them under control (links and compatible software should allow better coordination and resource usage).

Those are “command” bunkers. In nutshell - a warboard with phones and computers array for officers to use with attached to them some trivial army unit - couple war machines, dozen cars/trucks, small stationed platoon, supply depot, etc. Not much practical use for either side. Just like any National Guard unit in your neighborhood, scaled down to game’s sizes.

Hard to think of some of them as serious dungeon, especially “shallow” ones like Skvadern.


The dungeon thing is what I was kinda going for, I just dont find bunkers a challenge, they kinda disappoint in the danger Spectrum as much as a “Get your free loot here.”

I 100% agree, they are a walk in the park especially since you cant get lost.

And there repetitive nature is boring just putting it bluntly.

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I agree with both points, tho they could have bunkers progress in difficulty and usability.

Sure it wouldn’t matter too much for the first bunker or the storage/hangers dotted across Ost, but I also wouldn’t leave it past them.

The machines would take advantage of strategic positions no matter the size, and the equipment would be recycled given the purpose of Harvesters or ticks. Like I wouldn’t be surprised if the computers were left in pieces with all the important parts missing and the scrap organized in piles…(just a thought)

I too have finished the game with only a few achievements left to collect.

I agree with the late game logic, I too had already proceeded through each bunker with fascination and curiosity until completeing each one. (No signs, lost all the time) but I also remember the feeling of being in enemy territory… Like as if I was going to march right into the “hornets nest!”

But what about the newcomers?
I truly believe that more can be done to make the thrilling experience more rememberable.

The complaints about repetition are there, and the bunkers make a great way to break up parts of the game from one climax to another.

I see potential in this area.

Even adding a little bit of evidence too FNIX taking making permanent residence would spark more curiosity, fun or atmosphere, dont ya think?

I like the bunkers as is, but I do agree that rising the terror factor in some of them should be done.
My idea on how to make them scarier is to put in a very small number of enemies of a higher class than regular, like they did in Vesslan. So for example Vesslan have some military runners while outside you probably haven’t met many military class at all, this make it so much scarier when you don’t really know what they can do and what you as the player is up against. So in the farmland bunker we could have some FNIX runners as you haven’t met to many of them earlier. And in the north coast maybe apocalypse?
But I don’t want to turn the bunkers upside down with broken and looted stuff. I want visually the bunkers to stay very whole and complete, FNIX isn’t sophisticated enough to break down computers and carry them away. Only runners, ticks and maybe a couple of hunters can get into and fit in the bunker so who will transport away this stuff? The runners and hunters wouldn’t do great because they are built with the only purpose to fight. Sure ticks could possibly transport the stuff out in small quantities but it would be to much trouble when the harvesters could just demolish a house and pick up the stuff of the ground.
In my opinion let the bunkers be as is but maybe with some more runners and a couple of hunters!

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Adding machine random invasions to the bunkers would make it “Better”.
There is not anything else to improve there besides this idea.

  • Players would need to clear bunkers again, this time facing more opposition
  • It would happen to a random bunker from 2 to 2 days
  • Multiple Runners and Hunters with lots of ticks inside the bunker
  • Harvesters and Tanks Outside supported with Runners and Hunters guarding the perimenter
  • Players would need to restart generators and then to terminate remaining hostiles.
  • No changes in aesthetics and level design

Although i doubt the devs have been reading much of our latest suggestions, maybe we should move all this discussion or part of it to the feedback/features request?
Almost everyone agrees in giving some dungeon aspect to the bunkers or similar facilities ingame.
@Zesiir ?


Yep, you’re right. Moved to #feedback-feature-requests.


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Thank you for your thoughts.
I agree with your sentiments to a degree, I do not want a complete change of the bunkers.

Not saying a complete change isn’t welcome, as long as it fits with the premise and atmosphere of the game I think it will be well received.

I just think that in general there could be more done, both for story and adventure in this area of the game.

I disagree, If they can think they can build, if they can build then they can certainly destroy.

Not sure how far into the game you are but If you beat FNIX Rising then you should know how well they can build and dig into their environment.

Also there is the Reaper as an example of improvement.

But FNIX had access to factories already existing, these factories are probably highly automated because I don’t think that many robots were hand built. Who would pick apart the computers? Not runners, not hunters, not harvesters, not tanks, not seekers, and from seeing how ticks behave I don’t think they could carefully pick apart a computer. Rearrange wires and hack communication sure, but I don’t think they are precise enough for the computers. Also I have basically 100% on the game according to most people.

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Yeah what machines are really building all of those structures around the south coast? none of them seems to have any building capacity.


None you can see. But there are some underground facilities where you may enter a cave. Maybe there are hidden doors to more complex facilities that will become accessible in a future dlc. Somehow fnix must be able to produce more and more machines even after you destroyed the few facilities in the missions.

Harvesters only sense can’t be harvesting for tick-production. :wink:

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Im glad that this little conversation has produced some fruit, at least for me.

Ive gotten a few varying opinions which is cool, Ive noticed that much of this topic concerns around mid to late game for people.

If Im specific it would be more about Repetitive tasks more so than the layout of the bunker or the difficulty.

If anyone wish to correct my assessment or add to it then feel free.:face_with_monocle::wink:

I know bunkers can be very samey but I guess military complexes are built to a purpose and not to look glam.

Few ideas that may be of interest…

Flooded areas that can negate any kind of noise reduction bonus

The one place I was impressed with was the Hellmouth, the big bunker/garage thing … so how about a coastal military complex with a sub dock or the like … maybe allowing boats to row between islands.

Maybe a “run the gauntlet” mission that you infiltrate a production lab where you have to blow it up or the like collect bits maybe even re-program a tick or a runner to become a “pet”, or maybe you get to see parts being made for a future add in robot or the like.

How about a super massive bunker with a transport facility (Maybe opening out to missile sylos), you could find either hand carts or maybe jury rig some small electrical buggies to transport you from one “station” to the next, this then could allow the game to have abandoned rail yards above ground like you get to see in S.T.A.L.K.E.R

Some nicely epic underground complexes and rooms not just corridor, corridor, corridor rince and repeat

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I see this is you’re first time posting, Welcome to the Forums😁 and thanks for the comment.

It would certainly be cool to have an abandoned train yard or an underground Missile silo, tho Im uncertain that Switzerland had any missles, maybe the machines could build some.

Also the Hellmouth mission was a very climatic reveal, very well done. I would certainly like to see more of that.