Can not complete flying blind mission

I have only found 4 off the 5 ticks you have to destroy. I can hear the 5th but it’s invisible or glitched. There is no way to complete the mission without all 5 ticks ??
If I restart the game the mission is still active as in no ticks respawn, so I can’t redo the mission. I’m left with no option but to leave it half done

Same thing and I too created a theme about it.

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What happens if you go to where the tick ought to be and blow up the spot with the grg? I’m wondering if the explosion might trigger the mission.

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Happens nothing. Tried rockets and grenades :smiley:

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Aw, sorry. :slightly_frowning_face: I hope the next patch fixes it.

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Hey @ALPHARAGE42bty & @Whispard :wave:

If any of you are on PC and would be up for providing us with a save file it would help us a lot in our efforts to address this issue.

See this message below for more info on how to provide us with a save:

Thank you for your time and sorry for the inconvenience!

Nope I’m on Xbox thanks for replying

When do you get the new dlc missions? For ps4