Can someone give a calculation of generation zero tank classes hit points?

Thank you for your answers

I think there’s way too many variables in play to properly calculate the HP of Tanks. Which component is being hit, what ammo type you’re using, what weapon you’re using, what quality that weapon is, how far away you are, what skills do you have, etc. all have huge effects on how much damage they can take.

You might be able to figure it out by digging in the code or something, but I don’t think you could do it by conventional means. Or at least it would be very complicated.

" Can someone give a calculation of generation zero tank classes hit points?"

I am interested to know why you would need that?

The hitpoints themselves should be a fixed value.

The way you lower them is difficult to calculate as it depents on too many factors.

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Probably just curiosity.

I for one enjoy having hard statistics instead of just rough estimates or power bars like we have for weapons currently. It’d be nice to have a numerical value for things like a weapon’s firerate at least, since that should be easily quantifiable.

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I can understand that everybody finds different things to enjoy. :sunglasses:


But hit points would be something that would be close to impossible to know. Each weapon from each angle with each type of ammo and each distance would change and then add in hitting the same exact point on the same type of tank with each weapon, ammo, direction and distance. And there is no real way of knowing you hit the same spot each time.

Each weapon has a damage gauge in bar graph form for each level of weapon and then so does the ammo. You can gauge how much each weapon with a type of ammo by hitting a weak point, the number of hits it takes for it to stop sparking is how you can tell the damage caused.

Hitpoints is just another word for healthpoints, but in general used for nonliving enemies.

It’s not the number of how often I have to hit a target.

In the correct spot. Some areas you hit on a machine take more hits than say, the weak points do and then the type of ammo you hit the target with also effects the damage caused. You can one shot a hunter if you hit it in the right spot, but it may take a lot more if you wildly shoot at it with a machine gun.

From what I can tell, each machine has an overall healthpool that determines if it is alive or not. 0 of those "points’ would mean it is dead.

Each component has a health pool of it’s own. When damaging this health pool, it also damages the overall health pool. So does shooting the frame of the machine, which are parts that are not armor nor components. Armor on the other hand has no effect on the overall pool.

(Not confirmed^)

Unless there is another option, the health and damage system is based on numbers. The tank has so many overall points, each weapon (ammo type, range, and spot hit) does a certain amount of damage.

Calculating it within the game may be hard. Especially since the damage bars are rarely accurate (not to mention the scale being based on aount of bullets to kill), and the fact that damage is based on ammo as well. However, one could look within the files to determine the health points, as well as the base damage of each gun, ammo, as well as what modifies that damage.

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Sorry guys, I was just wondering the possible health, thank you though

Well, 10 well-placed EX.PVG-90 shots can kill a Proto Tank, so,
lets say one EX.PVG shot does 12 damage per component hit.
By going through the armour on the face, 2 components in one hit, and that gets shot twice = 48 damage. Now I hit the other side of the face plate, which had been damaged previously, so thats another 12x2, giving us 72 damage. (More boring math) so in total, I hit 25 different components at 12 damage
This would give us about 300 hp.

we will assume 1 Granatgevar Rocket does 15 HP.
it took me 35 GRG rockets to kill a Military tank
This would give us about 525 HP.

Now FNIX tanks are a bit more tricky.
Lets say that one Ex. KVM bullet does 3 damage, plus 3 damage in lightning every 5 shots.
I emptied 1 and a half 5c extended mags, which is 375 bullets. I admittedly missed a few shots
This would mean I fired a total of 1350 damage, but missed probably half a mag.
This would mean I probably landed about 1 mag worth of ammo, which is 900 HP including lightning.

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That doesn’t work.
You never know if you damage a component and which one and with which value or if you just destroy armor.

With some good shots from exp pvg you can destroy multiple components and armor parts at once.

And you don’t have to destroy every component.

It was kinda a guess assumption thing something idk

Enough to be a pain :smile:
p.s I don’t use exp weapons

I once tried (“TRIED”) to kill a tank with a Moller
I did about 5% of its health :disappointed:
About 5 mins later, I rocked up with the PVG90 and the RLG-7.
The boss music intensified

Probably the best one!

Exactly this.

How many hitpoints you take off an enemy depends on what weapon you’re using, ammo type (some damage components, others armour, etc) and WHERE you inflict that damage.

It’s really impossible to calculate or even estimate. IMHO.


same, the stat bars in most games lie anyway.

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A good assumption for apocalypse class tanks are
1275, because of the way you are calculating it. Meaning it counts up around 375 every 2, making apocalypse class tanks have 1275.

Not confirmed!