Can’t buy certain apparel schematics

Trying to buy some new schematics and notice that the one i want has a padlock on it and no buy button. I have enough points but wont let me buy. Why is this? Anyone else experience? Think the one in question was blast resistant pants lvl 3.

You need to buy them in order.
Do you have all other schematics of this typ before?

Btw. For crafting apparel it’s the same. You need to craft all levels in order.

You can only buy the lowest one you don’t have. I have lvl 1+2, trying to buy lvl3. No luck. Same for all other pants schematics except bullet resistant.

Oh, that’s sad.
Maybe some else can confirm that?
I already had every schematic, so I can’t test it by myself.

Just was missing for 2 ammo, but was able to unlock them directly.

I think I figured it out.
In the pants column, I had lvl 2 on all schematics except one which was lvl 0. And I couldn’t buy a lvl 3 in that column.
So I put a point in the lvl 0 item and this unlocked lvl 3 for the others in that column.
It seems no recipe in the column you buy in can be more than 2 steps lower than what you want to buy.
Now if this is true, this is very far from intuitive and no information about this is visible. Maybe include this in some sort of tutorial or just add the information on the schematics screen?
It also means you can’t just put points in whatever buff you want, you need to level everything else up to a certain level as well.

Maybe there is a tutorial in the log screen? Didn’t check it yet. As long as there is apparel crafting you always need lvl 1 to 5 to be able to craft up to level 5.

Imagine it as improvement of the previous level, not as stand alone levels like the weapon classes.

Sure, a hint on the crafting screen would be useful.

The only schematics I don’t have are 5 star. I have everything leading up to it and more than enough crafting points. Can’t buy the last 10 schematics as the “buy” option doesn’t exist

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Could you please attach screenshots, too?

I guess that’s the answer to my theory.

Alright so I am also stuck on the schematics tree, nothing maxed but buy options greyed out for all items, even though I have 14 apparel schematic points. I’m pretty sure it’s because in the old system you could drop 1* and then 4* from a rival without having anything in between, and this seems to bug it out.

I have the schematic for Bullet res 1 and 4 unlocked from the old system, which makes me unable to buy bullet res level 2 with the new system. Would be great if we could have a dev answer for this, attaching screenies for bullet res case, this ofc happens on all my schematics for apparel, just adding bullet res since it’s the first one in the row. It shows 1 out of zero for 2 the 2-star unlock requirement

All of the schematics have either greyed out buy option, or a greyed out one with a lock, crafting anything didn’t change it. It’s kinda confusing…

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I am having the same problem. Even with pieces that prior to the update have been ordered properly (having 1-4 but unable to buy #5) @Genoscythe

Even if you had gathered the in-between schematics, you’d end up screwed anyway. Even ones without the padlock symbol are greyed out so I think there’s nothing we can do. The devs need to fix this.

That picture is for your schematics. You also have a schematics tree. And there you need to buy items in the correct order to be able to unlock stuff.

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The first picture yes, the second is from the right side of the schematics tree screen.

I guess he added the first one to show which ones in detail he has got of the bullet resistant jacket.

first one is essential to my repro to show I have level 1 and 4 and thus can’t unlock level 2, I think the post might not have loaded properly in your browser if you can’t see the second picture.

I got rid of the padlock by buying some other schematics in that same tree. Seems like you need a minimum level on all schematics in a tree to progress in that tree.
The greyed out ones I still can’t buy. For me that is lvl 5 schematics. Maybe all schematics in that column needs to be lvl 4? If so that would mean lvl 5 schems are REALLY expensive.

Mmh that wouldn’t make it possible to focus on one effect for one apparel, like bullet resistant shoes… Doesn’t sound well thought, if that works likr that… Or was an accident.

I can confirm that is slightly off. I have camo jacket level 1 and 3-5 but can’t buy 2, I have the points and there’s no padlock.

I also have other schematics that have 1-2 but I can’t buy 3 no matter what and all my others are at 3 or more. Something is definitely bugged.

I have the same problem. I can’t raise any schematics to level 5, the only ones I have at level 5 now are the ones I had from before the update. When the update hit I had only a few schematics that were level 2 or 3, and I used points to raise all of those to level 4 thinking that would unlock the ability to raise others to level 5. It didn’t. The “BUY” button is grayed out on every single level 4 schematic.

Your screenshot says that you fulfilled all requirements for the bullet resistant pants. There is no lock on the buy-button. But you still cannot buy it?

Btw, 4/5 doesn’t mean that you have a lvl 4 schematic of everything. It could even be 2c-5c, but you’re missing 1c.

Which system do you play on? For Playstation the buy button should be on cross, not square.

That is correct, I have all the requirements for the bullet resistant pants, there is no lock on that or any of the other schematics that are at 4/5 but the “BUY” button is dimmed and nothing happens when I click it.

I double and triple checked, and I’m not missing any schematics prior to the 4/5, or even on any that are 5/5. I had found all of the 1c-2c schematics on the map in the month or two leading up to that update and had gotten all of the ones that are currently 5/5 (3c-5c) from rival drops. I was actually surprised to read that people on the forums had missing links in a particular schematic chain since I don’t recall getting any clothing schematic drops out of order from rivals, but I could have started my apparel farming after some update that made them drop in some type of order. Either way, I have them all and still can’t buy 5c.

The system I’m on is PC.