Can´t load my character

After the halloween event i am unable to acess my character because whatever cosmetic i was using is no longer in the came so everytime i load in my screen goes black and i am not really in the mood of starting over anyone else with this problem and or solved it?

Start by verifying you game files. Could be game file corruption

Hello, this could be the issue related to the Antarctic Jacket, it’s missing a few textures so if it’s equipped the character doesn’t load correctly. The issue appeared with the Halloween event.

There’s a known issue workaround that you can try, see if it works.

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What format are you on? This sounds like the bug you get with certain items of Halloween clothing. (‘The Antarctic Jacket’ I think).

The way to fix it is to get someone to invite you to their world (it should load fine to someone else’s world) and then swap the jacket.

After that your world will work.

If you have any friends that play ask them to invite you. Failing that, put your format & gamertag / user name perhaps a member of the community can invite you.

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That is my exact pb thx

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A fix is in the works, probably for the November Update. I’ll mark this topic as acknowledged.