Cannot find snowmounds... snowballs

Hello one more thing here …i just played here in Canada for one hour its after midnight here so dec 16… but i could not find snow mounds to throw snowballs ? i went to himjfall and other areas where theres lots of snow and or snowing but nothing . How or when does this happen please advise Thank You :slight_smile:

sometime between 3:00 am & 4:00 am, im waiting also

11 more mins & it’s show time

bedtime now rest easy robots we shall meet again tomorrow and get some snow balls goin lol thanks too have fun man

Quote from Twitter

The GZ Snowball event is now live!
Find mounds of snow throughout the icy world of Östertörn,
make snowballs from them and throw them at your friends!
Getting hit will knock you over, then make you temporarily
immune. This can be turned off in the settings.

I’m not sure that the event is active, I haven’t found any snow mound, and I also cannot find a setting to turn off. Or is this only for Multiplayer? :coffee:

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The event currently hasnt been activated, Carni has mentioned on Discord that he will check on Monday if the event isnt active by then.


I have been running around for about an hour now to find snow balls, but I all found was some Wolves and many Lynx plus a firebird and a tank.

After I got rid of them I went on … But there was nothing more to find.
No machines, no bases, no neutral control points… Additionally most stuff in my inventory had a loading circle instead of an Image, I wasn’t able to use a Standard med kit out of my inventory, my map didn’t loads fully and when I tried to fast travel back to the airfield, I ended in an unlimited loading screen which I stopped by closing the game after 5 minutes.

@SR_Carni please take a look at that

Loading circles in inventory, missing Icons, not showing the selected item at the centre of the screen, med kit not useable (at 40hp):

Standing where rivals or a base should have been:

same issue here since update. I either has to restart or just let it crash, unfortunately. and the map not rendering is random and will always cause a crash… good stuff :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Is there any news about the event no snoballs or mounds and i cannot find any of he fancy holiday clothing …when will this be live on FB it said live event on now a day ago

Itll most likely be properly started tomorrow, it wasnt started properly Yesterday. Also there was no confirmation about the Fancy Set making a return this year, it was also not mentioned on socials so the chances are next to zero for them being here.

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haven’t found yet lol images

That’s the snowballs battle from “Dumb & dumber”.

It’s active…

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Can you hoard them? :cold_face:

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Heyo, sorry for the delay! Have fun :slight_smile:

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You can.
15 snowballs per mound: 5 per action, 3 actions per mound.
Just ran a few minutes through forest region and got 75 snowballs and placed 60 of them into the companions storage. Weight of 1 snowball: 0.05kg.

You cannot recycle them. :sweat_smile:

Makes sense, water is not a crafting material :joy:

So we can stash em? Gotta keep em till a summer event to make cooled drinks :+1:

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they will probably melt when the winter event is over