Cannot interact with doors, items, etc. around Hagaboda

Platform: PC

Description: I saw an earlier post about mission to remove tick from Hagaboda relay and also in that report was not being able to interact with doors, and backpacks flashing different colors and cannot interct as well. I am having the same problem with interacting with items and doors after about a half hour of play. Seems to only be in Hagaboda area, though I seem to recall rarely in other areas having a single backpack do it. While in Hagaboda after about half an hour I start not being able to interact with objects, ammo boxes, backpacks, item lying around could not be picked up like medpacks from bathrooms or stereos sitting round. At first I thought it was supposed to be like this as scenery, but then I fast traveled to the safehouse church just south of South Main Gate in Hagaboda and I couls not open the door to get out of the church. I knew I had used this door before. After shutting down game, restarting my computer and restarting Steam, I went back in and everything works normal for about a half hour and starts doing it again/

Steps To Reproduce: Not sure specific steps to reproduce, I just load up from the Safehouse south of Hagaboda South Gate and start trying to loot. After a while it starts happening.

Images / Videos: Have none, but I can add some if you need them. The only thing to show is when looking at a bathroom door, or box, there is no interaction message or the white circle with the hand in it. I can tell that the ammo box is not already looted since it is not opened.

Host or Client: Single Player only

Players in your game: Just me

Specifications: Intel i9-7900 3.3GHz, 32 GB ram, DirectX 12, Win 10 64-bit. Same computer I have always played on. Seems this only happens in Hagaboda with exceptionally rare occurances elsewhere.

This is related to the appearance of Gnome Ticks, a rare easter egg.

Main thread about the phenomenon is here.

Zesiir is right.
In general this phenomenon appears if the games system load is high. Are there many fnix bases or rivals on your map?

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There are many FNIX bases in every region, but for some reason this phenomenon only happens in Hagaboda and normally starts after a short while of looting. I have never seen the Gnome Ticks stuff. This is just normal stuff that stops interacting with me, like I tried another run through and found about 10 Simple Medkits in the bathrooms that had no interaction to pick them up. One occurance I was able to pick one up, but the other not. Also on this run nearly every backpack I came across was switching colors and I could not access the contents. Also found several ammo boxes that were closed, but no option to open, and many radios/cassette players sitting around that I could not pick up.

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Sounds like you need to start reducing the number of FNIX bases to reduce system load.

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Hagaboda is a spot with high risk for it due to its size and the number of objects there (especially since the walls were introduced). It could also happen at Ă–stervik.

As suranis said, reduce the fnix bases and it should work better.

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I left this report open 'cause, I think it could be adjusted how the environment becomes un-interactible when Gnomes are near. For new players it’s not a very good way of telling them it’s an easter egg.


Been all through Ostervik and never has this problem. Been playing all day about 14 hours now doing missions, etc and not had a single problem. Approached Hagaboda West Gate and instantly 80% of everything did not work; couldnot open ammo boxes, gun crates, cannot pick up radios, etc. I got killed and blown over the wall out into the street SW of town, restarted at the church near South Gate and I was able to go back through West wall and pick up all the stuff that wouldn’t interact first time, except now no doors open, except on vehicles, once I get into town. All over the map today and boom, as soon as I set foot in Hagaboda nothing but problems. Not sure if there is anything I can do to fix this so I can at least get in there and find the collectibles, missions, etc.