Gnomes Mask and Gnomes Pod ¡Mysteries!

Today I ran into a player wearing gnome skins and gnome pods.

As I have read on this forum, it is from an event that has been leaked and has been withdrawn for the moment, does anyone know about this?

Other theories is that gnomes appear in Ostervik houses, when it is night in the game or in Sweden.

Quite a mystery. If anyone knows something, comment on it here. Thanks a lot.

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I’m sure that the gamer and member on this forum @AliasDJA (the one seen in one of your pictures will know something, because he has a Gnome outfit.


You might want to check out this thread, that delves into the source of these items.

There’s been no official developer response to the mystery for a good long while, and I’d like to think they want to keep quiet about it :shushing_face:

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Firstly, it’s best to be 4 players doing this, as having fewer players makes it more difficult and time-consuming although it is still possible with 1 or 2. Be prepared to spend hours doing this as it’s not an especially quick (or scientific) process. Also, make sure you have field radios as players maybe “locked out” and these will be essential for access in these circumstances.

You need to head to Östervik (preferably around the time the sun sets in the game) and cause as much destruction as possible. Blow up cars, shoot all junction boxes on every house, blow the gas canisters in warehouses, kill all enemies and ticks etc.

As you do this, search the bottom floor of every house. Then once you’ve gone around all of the district’s (Haga is the most frequent hot-spot) repeat the search over and over and over.

To avoid frustration, and when Östervik is depopulated, players can head out to action hotspots (Hagaboda, Farela, Bockhyttan etc.) and wreak havoc but I’d keep at least one person in Östervik looping and then periodically bring the other players back to help loop / search.

If someone finds that a previously searched house is now suddenly closed, locked down and inaccessible with its junction box somehow repaired, you’re in luck.

Note: it may be that you can get inside and see the gnomes, but a friend cannot.

Those players who can still get inside the house should place a field radio to allow those locked out access.

Also, it’s possible that while searching the area one of you will see a “pick up” icon (the black circle with a white hand) at a great distance away. If this ever shows up, make a bee-line for it immediately as this is usually a gnome.

(More often you’ll get the empty circle associated with light switches, but alas this doesn’t usually point to a gnome!)

Once you find a gnome take up position and shoot the gnomes sat on the floor inside and they will hopefully spawn gnome ticks. Kill those ticks for sweet loot and a chance to receive a mask.

I’d recommend one person does the shooting and uses a single shot weapon such as the Exp Klaucke or a 12G Shotgun. Take your time and try to avoid having the gnome-tick bodies stack up as you can get some strange physics going on and crash the game.


Perhaps the developers are just waiting for the appropriate gnome holiday to release it. That’s a thing right? I mean we have leprechauns on St. patty day, elves on x-mas, and gnomes on… :thinking: anyone know their day?

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So, is it something that they are developing in the game that has been leaked?

Will it come out later officially and easily in the game?


Most likely. As of when - hard to say.


On Gnomeday of course! That’s a thing in Sweden right?

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Like @Aesyle says, very probably. Although personally, I’m not sure they’ll release it at this point. It must be nearly a year ago now that they were first found. It looks like something they had in development that ended up in the public / release build.

Either way, it leaked / people stumbled across it and caused a stir with a sub-section of users (me included) who spent every moment in-game trying to get to the bottom of it and find all 7 masks.

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Ooh damn!

Are we going there with masks now? :thinking:

Having re - read this, I can confirm that I took this subject matter up with a very established member of the team, and can confirm that it’s not something they want to discuss, or get involved in just yet.

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You could tell your friend that “things are tense among the most loyal players with the matter of the gnome masks and pods.”

You could also say that a DLC, event, or unlock is being claimed for having all the targets

They can’t leave us like this xD…

Its the most fun I’ve had in this game by a mile, chasing these gnomes.
I’d like to add that it differs alot wether you’re on pc or ps4. It’s much easier on ps4 there he always spawns in the same house. On pc you’ll have to search just about every house in Östervik…

What house is that?
And how many players were you playing with at the moment of “gnome spawn”?

Ohh, it’s the yellow house just by the watertower.
You can find him solo but its easier if you team up.
I usually go to himfjäll for some framedrops then check back to that house from time to time. Or if you run in to a harvester and let him spawn in a bunch of hunters in Östervik. Happy hunting!


Hum…ok, i still haven´t got even one of the famous Gnomes items.

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It only ever used to show up by pushing the game in to a particularly glitchy state. I think the recent stability patches have probably made it far less likely to show.

From friends who have played both consoles versions of the game the PS4 was the easiest platform to get them to appear and would keep in the ‘buggy’ state longer before blue-screening.

The Xbox version would require more work to tip it over the edge, but then once you had them appearing it was more likely to crash to dashboard.

My earlier post is the best way we found as a group to try and get them to spawn but it can be a thankless task and literally take hours. Plus I really wouldn’t attempt it solo either. You can get them to spawn only to be locked out of the house.

A friend and I tried for a couple of hours last night on the Series X and there wasn’t even a hint of them showing tbh.

The yellow house at the top of Haga next to the water tower is certainly the most frequent place, but not the only, not by a long shot. That whole area is a hot spot. As are the houses by the relay beacon at the other end of town.


On ps4 he always spawns in the yellow house first, and the good thing about that is that the door to the livingroom is always open so you can get in if your solo. If you find him there and you cant interact with him your to late, but sometimes he has moved on to one or more houses just north of that house, its alot harder to get in then, you used to be able to move a waterbarrel to the back of the house and jump on that, break a window and throw in a radio but lately the windows on them houses seems impossible to break.

I’ve never seen him on the other side of town nor in the middle like on pc…

Im not saying these are facts, only my experience so far… Lots of love to all and be safe!


Ohh and use shotguns or melee weapons then you encounter him. Seems a bit more stable that way so the event goes on for longer time before crashing.

I was trying this on the PS5 the last days. But with no success.
Did anyone get it to work on the ps5 yet?

I got the game being crashed several times, mostly in coop, so it should be possible…

I’ve tried it many times on PS5 no luck yet :face_with_monocle: