Can't deposit items into recycling box or use it


It seems my recycling center is busted. I can’t put anything in it. When I attempt to do so via the number meter, the numbers turn red.

Also note at the top the variable name instead of the title.

I believe it happened with the new update. I tried reinstalling the game and disconnecting from the cloud. For some reason Steam reconnected to the cloud and I think it downloaded old files which is causing the issue. Can send any other info you need to suss out the issue.

There is the only known fix to this as its caused by using mods which is againts EULA

Yep, sorry but this is the result of using a storage mod when the game updates the storage system and renders your mod out of date. It breaks the save file too so hope you had a backup because you’ll have to delete the corrupted save to correct the fault. Been there, done that, learnt my lesson.