Can't finish secret cargo!

I was doing the secret cargo mission, killed all the machines that were roaming around the truck, destroyed the machines in the truck, but I still have the mission message that I need to kill all the activated machines. Anyone else have this problem at all?. EDIT: Just had another look and I think the save may be corrupted somehow, it’s showing the ammo for the Meusser hunting rifle as being over 1000 rounds when it should only be about 20-30 rounds, as well as other weapons showing as well over the amount that it should be. So if it’s corrupted there will be no way to fix it. Oh well such is life.

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NVM I quit out of the game for an hour and then went back to the quest area, and it did get to finish. As far as the ammo situation goes it seems the Meusser rifle and others were full of 7.62mm ammo (no idea on how that happened), so I emptied them all out and filled them with appropriate ammo and all seems ok again. Sorry about the mix up.

I’m glad to hear the mission worked out. Also sounds like you encountered one of the rare ammo bugs. I’ve had it myself, it made my assault rifle fire rockets. Pretty funny honestly, but it needs to be fixed. I’ve established a Bugs List that counts it as one of the more prominent issues.

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I did that mission, found the convoy. As I approached it, it said “mission completed”, and it never told me to destroy what was in the back of the lorry. And then when I looked for the mission in the list of completed missions, it had vanished altogether - never to be seen again… Oh well…

… because it was a Top Secret cargo mission ^^

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I have the same exact issue.

I’m on Xbox. I have defeated all machines in the area including the inactive Runners in the cargo truck. I see a bogus black and yellow target icon on my HUD on the street near the truck, but there are no machines to destroy.

I have tried the side mission multiple times. I have tried fast traveling away and coming back later etc. I have also restarted the game and the Xbox console too.

This side mission happens to be down the road ~500 meters from the Ringfort Shed and a “Tidal Wave” main mission - which is also totally bugged out for me too. The entire area is broken!