Cant see "ticks" on any mission playing solo

I am playing on an original PS4. Solo. Any mission that has an objective to shoot a “tick” out of an electrical box is glitched. In my solo game I can see the electrical box open but not the tick. I created a new character and had the same exact issue. I have completed the 1st 2 missions on Sodra Soltholman that required you to shoot this tick only after joining a friend’s game and playing through their mission start to finish. In my friends game, where he hosted on a PS4, I was able to see and shoot the tick. Now I’m in the Minken bunker playing solo again and I cannot continue with the mission to “find out what is draining power”… Please help


A tick isn’t draining the power in Minken Bunker. It’s a Runner in a red container.

Thank you for that! I did shoot him already but nothing happened, I’m assuming I might have to blow the whole container as well. I just hope that there are not any more missions with ticks in electrical panels because I can’t see them.

Update* so I think because I shot and killed the runner prior to the mission objective it’s glitched. Now when I open the container after restarting I see the runner is down but his ghost lights are still on as if he’s still standing. Blowing up the container did NOT work, I used 3 red canisters and 12 grenades. Who the F tested this game?

Damn, I was hoping that wasn’t the case. Sadly, that’s a known bug. @Erkawest is keeping a master community list for broken quests over here.