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@DmitryAleks don’t worry, you didn’t miss anything. No news, no teasers, nothing. :wink:

Oh, and “We got big stuff planned for 2021” doesn’t count as a teaser IMO.

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I just thought so) maybe in the future they will change the approach to broadcasting) 60 viewers for such a game is certainly funny. you just need at least some script. content

Ah, remember though it’s 60 via Twitch, plus YouTube channel, Facebook, and Twitter so there’s comfortably 3 figure crowds tuned in to the stream.

I’ll +1 on having a set script/ timetable for future 2021 streams.


at least it would be interesting to look at the farm on guerilla difficulty without deaths. but definitely not the shooting of green cars from the experimental pvg90))

I don’t really like watching videos life. I rather choose a moment that is right for me, but still I have watched Pontus a few times life. The chat is too fast for me to keep track of, questions are answered that I can’t find back in the chat, and I always have the feeling that the regulars get acknowledged and their questions get answered. After a couple of tries I feel strange and out of place to even try to ask something, so now I mostly just watch and keep quiet.

I haven’t watch this last one, but with previous streams I have seen that a reasonable number of questions were answered. So I guess that there wasn’t much news to tell this time.

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This reminds me when Graham was still with us. Dev streams back then were great, where Pontus was playing the game (since he is better at playing) and Graham was answering players questions (by being a great people’s person). I just recalled a dev stream where Graham and Pontus switched their roles and it was very fun seeing Graham playing GZ. :grin:

Sadly, Graham had to leave (i still mis him) and now, Pontus is alone. It is quite a fiddle to play the game (to showcase it) and at the same time, read at least 3 different chat windows and answer the questions.

Current dev streams are good but, yes, i agree that another person in the steam helps with overall quality of the stream.

Though, dev stream does have had guests and when they do, streams are fun and engaging. Sadly, devs have things to do and they can’t be with Pontus in the stream all the time.

That is not entirely true.

For example, i asked in the stream about Reaper drop chance and if it is higher than e.g level 4 rival tank (which i suggested here: Reaper how to Get Max Yield). My question did not get an answer from Pontus. Instead some other person watching the stream answered to me but in a different way (he/she misunderstood my question).

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I’m almost always at work during the wednesday streams, so I usually just catch the VOD afterwards.
But I’m not a big streaming fan in general, so maybe I’m in the minority here.


@NJR87 @Zesiir
You guys are not alone
Personally i don´t like streams that much and was busy during the time, but i wanted to know if there were any new news.
Nobody on discord or Forum talked about the stream, so i watched half of it and I wasted my time, not a single bit of information.
In fact only a certain comment from a certain user that has some inside intel was the only thing that hinted that if no problems appear there will be something big waiting for us during or After the 2º year game anniversary.
I like Pontus, but in terms of news it was a waste of time.


Along the lines of news, any idea of whether there will be a January update or what the roadmap for 2021 looks like? I know trade secrets cant be shared, but interested in what else they would like to work at and when we can look for things.
Then again, Im sure everyone wants to know that and thats where the whole “trade secret” thing comes in I guess right?

They’re working on an update. According to Pontus it could possibly be done in january, but it could also be february before it’s released. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yep, I saw your question pop up on Twitch, and Pontus was busy and he didn’t.
I still say they should be able to assign another person to the stream. They have these weekly streams for TheHunter: COTW as well, and those are often hosted by 2 people. Pontus himself has often been one of them. Heck, they could even pick the janitor to help them read the chats, and it would be of great help. :wink:

Pontus does his best, but I understand that playing and reading 4 chats simultaneously can’t be easy.


I volunteer as tribute to play the game and let someone answer the questions… but I dont think they have any open positions for “playing a game on a stream”

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So…anyone knows if the Stream from today 20/01/21 has any new useful info??

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@Mr_A1992 Have you watched it yet?
I’m watching it right now, aaand… Pontus found a new pair of sunglasses! :sunglasses:

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The only useful information I got was the next update will come probably in early February.

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No, i asked because i had no time to watch it.
Does that mean there is a 4th pair of special glasses to be found?:open_mouth:

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Haha, no! It was just an ironic remark of how uninteresting the stream was! It was just some regular glasses! :joy:


Ugh… I had an itch that desperately needed scratching! :grimacing:

Blasphemous screenshot...

I’ve been longing to get back here for a very long time…

I’ll say one thing for sure: Generation Zero does a very good job at keeping me from playing other games! :grin:

Which game is that?
Far cry primal ?
I just know it´s one I still haven´t played or don´t own :thinking:

Yep, it’s Primal. One of the top 3 FC games, in my opinion. :wink:

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