Change that impossible to grab kitchen medkit please


Because it makes no sense that is there and is nearly impossible to grab (you need to climb to grab it).

First aid kit in kitchens

Better idea is to expand it’s angle on which it can be taken. Else-ways, you’d be removing one of the most popular, if not the most popular placement of simple first aid kit that every player knows.


They need to fix the pickup system. Its not broken, but it could work much better. Some times I need to circle a downed dog or hunter a few times in order for it to highlight so I can loot it, while tanks and harvesters machines can be looted when not even close.

So angle and distance are factors and its probably them that messes up that medkit in the kitchen, and also medkits on benches sometimes.


I has worked in early days of the game. Then some bugs hit, making interaction really difficult to loot anything. It got fixed, mostly. Now we are in this half way state which caused the problem of picking up those med kits.

Bathroom cabinet, shelves can be also tricky place to pickup those med kits.


Jump up onto it facing the oven and crouch. I didn’t realise people actually had issues with these wow.


Some are inlootable.

You actually think we would post here if you could loot them with such a simple trick?

Some one is looking down on some one.

Just because you haven’t encountered one doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.


if you could give us a location of an unlootable one that would be great. Everyone i have encountered has been lootable, with some work. It would make fixing this much easier


Haven’t you realized loot is randomized? I could give you a location in my game, but it would not be the same in yours.

There is also a chance that a med pack on the kitchen fan could be lootable (i have looted most of them myself), while another on the same place is not.

I’m not even going to bring up that there should not be a mini game to pick up things you are supposed to be able to pick up.


I think this one needs to be locked. Lol


I agree. But if we have the same location for a specific medkit, or if a medkit spawns there, then we can determine if it is random that you can not pick it up, or it is location based.


Yeah i hate medkits that don’t respawn :sob: i wish we had a respawn timer on them but it would mean people could farm them


I feel bad that he;s struggling for med kits. I’ll put a short vid up here tomorrow for you @mrjimp


Loot bags/boxes location and their contents are different from player to player. However, every item that is placed outside the loot bags/boxes (weapons, first aid kits, scopes, radios, boomboxes, gas tanks and the like), are all at the same place for every player. That’s how we can share known spawn points for e.g weapons.


So we could determine impossible to grab meds? Sweet!


Oh, we’re addressing this one? I remember complaining about this way back, but hey now there’s a topic!

I agree with the contents of this post. I know you can pick up medkits if you do a complex yoga pose on a counter with slippery parkour mechanics… It’s just that in reality this shouldn’t even be a problem.

Fix the really weird pickup range for dead enemies as sometimes being further from it actually works better than up close, which is counter-intuitive… It has actually impacted some scenarios where I’m out of ammo and risking myself by just doing a ritual around a dead machine to extract it’s ammo.

Healthpacks are still harder to pickup that are in the world. For some REALLY good examples of why the system is clunky, go to first mission’s home design and go check the kitchen medkit and bathroom medkit in that type of layout. Another good example is the soccer field’s open military convoy with blood in Salthamn. I even had a nice 5$ bet if a friend could pick it up.



No, I think your mixing things up.

Weapons are non respawning objects, so they are designed to be a one time pickup. Hence it makes sense that they spawn at the same place for all players.

Medkits - While some have a fixed location to spawn on such as a camp or a trailer (where you find advanced medkits and adrenaline out in the world, for example in rebel camps, on some trailers, and in weapon lockers like torsberga), other are spawning on the random spawn locations in houses, factories etc, where the kitchen fan seems to be a random spawn, and if there is anything there it is a simple medkit. At least I have never found anything else on the kitchen fan, like a boombox or a lootbox.

So the medkit on the kitchen fan:

  • might not be in another game where I find it in my game
  • might not be lootable in my game, but lootable in another game (Simply because we do not know how the looting mechinism actually works, it could actually be that one player can loot it, while another cannot. We dont know.)


In GZ, there are fixed spots where loot bags/boxes spawn and also fixed spots where individual loot spawns.

For loot bags/boxes, any type of bag/box can spawn within those spots. E.g in my game i have small ammo box while in your game, there is toolbox on same spot.
Also, there is always more loot bag/box spawn points within POI than the actual amount of loot bags/boxes. This gives variety and leads to a situation where e.g within a same barn, in my game i have two small ammo boxes and one big green box while in your game, you have two long weapon crates and metal toolbox with different placement.

For individual loot spawn points, those all are fixed. Meaning that the spot where boombox spawns, only a boombox is on that spot. No other individual item can spawn in that specific spot. Since the top of kitchen fan is reserved only for simple first aid kit, only simple first aid kit spawns there.
Also, as far as i’ve seen it, if i have individual loot spawned in X spot then it is there for everyone else as well.

Latter is relatively easy to test. Lets take one specific house, where there is that simple first aid kit on top of the kitchen fan. Everyone can go to that house and look if they have the simple first aid kit there or not.
Of course, if you’ve already picked that simple first aid kit up, then it isn’t there anymore. But if you haven’t, it should be there, in everyone’s game.

E.g Paskallaholm safehouse (Forest region)

And it’s also the one i have great trouble picking up. So, it’s unlikely players have picked it up.


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