Change to spawn rate?

For the last couple of months a FNIX tank, sometimes with an APOC tank, has spawned at the Overby airbase every 4 hours (game time) but has not done so in my game for at least the last 15 hrs playing.
Is it just my game or has anyone else noticed this?

Also my map seems to be slowly emptying of machines. Today I spent 6 hours roaming around the map trying to avoid Rivals and only came across a few hunters and runners. Tanks and harvesters are becoming rarer. Is this also an indication to a change in spawn rate?

This post might help:

@Tackleberry447 First of all, screw the airfield. There’s nothing interesting there, and there never was. :wink:
Many players claim that the map is emptied of enemies since the december update, but I’m of an opposite mind. In my last 10 hours I have mainy roamed around the Forest and North Coast regions. I go from one large battle to the next! It’s insane! Just before I quit earlier today, I went to Littorp. There I met 5 FNIX Tanks, 2 Military Tanks and 2 FNIX Harvesters + the usual Hunter and Runner escorts…

Thanks but all my relay beacons were gone before I found they are spawn points and I’m sure I’ve been all over the map without finding these “hot spots”. Himjfall always has machines but even here they seem to have tailed off recently, also doing the same area all the time does get a bit frustrating

Hi, I spent most of today in those two areas and certainly didn’t find gangs of FNIX tanks and harvesters. Best was a crowd of military hunters and a military harvester. I’m starting to think it’s specifically a problem with my game.

Join someone’s multiplayer game who has the relay beacons and they should spawn back on your map. HFGL

Yes - less machines spawn since December. There used to be some great aggregate areas like Osterviks and Knaperanna Farm. Now spend too much time looking for machines. Please add more machines.

Go to Hallabacken on South Coast… always a Harvester there with plenty of Hunters and Runners.
Stora Dybro and Vallinge Church in the Farmlands always has a good amount of activity.

  • May change with patches of course.

One thing I have been doing to make things happen is to attack Rival Harvesters. That forces them to spawn Hunters. Meanwhile I destroy the Rival Harvester rocket pod while I am there. Makes for a good challenge because you are running around destroying Hunters while the Harvester is rocket attacking. Remember that Harvesters now have a limited number of Hunters they can call in for support (which resets after a time). I did notice that once the rocket pods are destroyed, the Harvester can no longer gas. It seems same is true of Tanks if you destroy their rocket launcher and machine gun.
Remember not to kill the Rival if trying to spawn a Reaper unless you are at 8 Rivals and over Level 20.

Thanks for that, I’ll try there.
I’m not interested in Reaper, I’m after getting the one exp weapon, one lev 5 weapon and three lev5 attachments to complete my collection so I’m after high level FNIX tanks and rivals.