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I created this topic where people can discuss any changes they like to see in the current matchmaking system.

Don’t like the current matchmaking system? Tell us why below.
Also, present your ideas on how to make it better. :slightly_smiling_face:

Also, this topic serves as a collective topic as well, where all other past, present and future topics, that discuss the changes to matchmaking system, in one form or another, get merged into this one.


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I enjoy playing on multiplayer, but finding a good game can be difficult. Often, I will land on games where the person playing does not want a stranger in his came. So they kick you out. I go to multiplayer and join again, only to land on the same came and get kicked again.

Or, I land on a game with someone who started their first game 10 minutes ago and have not even made it to the first church. Playing with them ruins the experience for them because the early enemies are so easy for a higher level player.

Is there any way to pick a match?


Add friends on Steam and play with them.

Before playing GZ I had 0 (zero) Steam friends. Now I have about 15 :wink:

If you play with someone that you like just ask him/her to add you as a friend… or ask here, at the forum.


Good idea, but is there any way to see the active games and pick one?


Unfortunately no. We all are on mercy of the matchmaking :face_with_head_bandage:


Well, it does not really matter tonight anyway. Try as I might I cannot join a game. Crash after crash after crash.


On Xbox I set games to “Friends” that way only friends can join & there is no need to be rude & kick people. I am not a big people person nor do I like lots of screaming & foul language. I also do not like playing with people who “cheat” by taking advantage of exploits. Because of those things I do not do much random MM. On Xbox when going into MP you see friend matches & then join with people you know I find that very nice.


No, we need a new filter. Level 20 or above, so we can join other people who don’t mind us being there. The new free promo has meant having to bump into countless new comers who do not want us there. It’s getting rather irritating getting kicked or pranked with explosives because they think we’re OP.


However if you use steam. You will know it has a friend finder for recent games. Due to the matchmaker not supporting steam matchfinding directly i can’t add players via that and how often do you bump into a well hosted game… It’s just a fluidity thing for open world gameplay and you know the risks. It may be less satisfying… May be more…


On PC and if you’re in a game of your likening; just open up Team tab, click on the person’s name you like, press “F” to bring up their Steam profile and then just “Add Friend”.



Played a bit of alpine unrest but a few other players joining didn’t have the expansion. So they couldn’t join me on the new island.

Couldn’t you change the matchmaking algorithm so that DLC comes into play? Match players with the same DLC or more than the host.


Matchmaking keeps directing me into the same session where there is only one player bugged or AFK and I have to play on my own. Even if I change the filter of the minimum amount of players I always end up in the same session, and I cant get around that so no multiplayer for me today. Is there a fix for that? Or maybe add a feature to manually accept or skip a selected session…


I’ve seen that as well. Usually happens where there aren’t any other MP sessions available at that given time.


I’ve seen a few people report about this now, so I’ll pass it along to the devs, see what they can make of it. Keep in mind it’s still holidays in Sweden so I don’t know when it’ll be looked into exactly.

In the meantime, can you provide any more details like the platform you’re on, etc?


My console is PS4, as stated in the message personal requests run smooth but randomization of multiplayer is clunky for me. The player either is afk or froze or it says they quit the server immediately upon joining the session. Sometimes before it even loads in. It doesn’t happen constantly but it’s present at times.


It’s a dev account to make sure there is at least one session available. Just kidding.


@pegnose Lol that’s brutal


I would understand if very few people open their sessions up to just anyone. I don’t.


I don’t myself but I join others to try and assist them on their progression.