Cheaters, when will you prevent this?

I agree I am 68 and play solo. playing on line or in cooperation on any game is spoiled because any group you join contains some 3 yr old who just wants to go as fast as possible and shoot everything. I like to explore and investigate. There should be some way that you can identify and join groups of other players with a similar outlook and avoid the cheaters and the children.


You could always pop a topic in the forums, writing down which kind of players you’re looking for. After that it’s just matter of adding them to your friends list and play together.

My slow going play style is also one of the reasons why i play solo.

There should be some way that you can identify and join groups of other players with a similar outlook and avoid the cheaters and the children.

If you’re playing on Xbox you can create a “Looking for group” post and specify the kind of players you’re looking for.

You can set your game to friends / invite only if you have people you know that play it. Failing that, you can kick & block any players you may come across that annoy you.

My experiences playing online have been particularly great playing GZ on Xbox. The age group of most players seems to skewed particularly high. I’m 46 and I’ve regularly found myself the youngest in the group before now.

I have been playing a lot of multiplayer in the last few days and I keep running into guys that have every perk maxed out. Is there a way to do this? Someone help me! See this guy here, his name is Kane200 and when viewing his stats, it’s all maxed out. And he only killed 675 bots, which is super low.

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Yes, there is and that is called cheating.

And no, no-one here is helping you to cheat in GZ.

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oh lol, I thought there was a real in game way to do it. Sorry

Well, it technically walks the line of modding and cheating. I don’t quit agree with this particular “hack”, but I don’t think people adding things to their single-player games is so bad.

Technically, every cheating is modding while not all modding is cheating.

  • cheating - using 3rd party program to gain unnatural advantage (e.g all skills unlocked)
  • modding - using 3rd party program to improve game (e.g nicer graphics)
  • exploiting - without using 3rd party program, only game itself but using flaws in game code to achieve unnatural outcome (e.g gas tank ragdoll to locked islands)

Discussion of how to achieve one or another, for all three, is forbidden in the official GZ forums and official GZ discord.

From one of my replies above:


Having a unique Player ID for every player there is and adding a ability to block Player ID if you host a MP session (The Player ID could be shown in player profile).
Also a blacklist feature where you can add Player ID’s to blacklist if you don’t want to join their games or block them for joining yours.
After that, no need to improve cheating detection system, which would be resource costing and time consuming, considering current engine. But only a feature in netcode (listen server side?) that checks the Player ID from player connections and skips the player connection if Player ID was added in blacklist and searches a new one. This could add some extra workload for back end coders, but it should be a bit easier (read: cheaper) than full fledged anti cheat system.

Edit: The Player ID would be married to the game serial key, so changing nickname would not help you if you were blacklisted.

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All i’m taking from this, Aesyle reports everyone even if they exploited or glitched in games in hopes they lose money or even banned on steam.
I’m sorry how does playing a game that is pve, in their own session and possibly exploiting hurt you? I can understand competitive in not wanting any cheaters, but in trying to get for example, an account with probably $10,000 spent on it completely banned just cause they were curious or just bored doing the same stuff over and over as they’ve beaten the game so much… is what people will call a karen…

Honestly due to players like Aesyle are out to hurt people that are just looking to have fun, I honestly regret every buying GZ as people like Aesyle ruin the game for people that are just there to have fun; Which is what VIDEOGAMES are for…

I don’t understand where the problem is? She clearly stated that if you play alone cheat away. But in multiplayer it gets troublesome.

The problem of @CoomZoom is that he/she is reading what he/she wants to see, rather than what is actually written.

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I agree. People can mod and use other modifications to the game to have more fun. Bringing it to multiplayer though. If you join randoms who are trying to play the game vanilla is just wrong. Perhaps they wanted to have the intended experience and not see a player shoot 30 rockets in a second. Though I am not sure how it works as i don’t do modding, or plan on doing it. If multiple modders got in a session and modded i am not sure how it would react, but as long as they are not potentially ruining other players games, then i do not have a problem with it. Which i think was the point Aesyle was making. correct me if I am wrong.

You should Aesyle’s replies more carefully.

the game is a intellectual copyright , you agree to the terms of sale when you buy it. you may not break those rules or you are in violation of the agreement. its very simple. Avalanche has every right to VAC ban any player that does so.

If you are not cheating you are not trying. While I wouldn’t hack my game, I can care less if someone else does. As long as they paid for it, let them do what they want.

I was on a game where the host was tossing gernades at players, so I left. No drama, no reports & no worries

only hack this game

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So, lol, I know this subject is beating on a dead horse, but anyway. Today was my first day in ages when I joined a mp game, or rather, mp games, as I joined several. I knew beforehand that I would stumble upon a cheater herer or there, but what I wasnt’t expecting was to see two thirds of the players I joined be maxed out on all the skill trees.

Since this is a subject that the devs never have responded to in all this time, I’d say go for it if you feel the need! You won’t suffer a VAC ban or anything of the sort.

I’m truly saddened to see this is still an ogoing issue, and to be frank - shame on you devs for not putting a single effort to remedy this. :frowning:

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Not to mention, the age old infinite ammo and rapid fire mode, with the grg acting as a minigun. So yeah, public games is for those that do not care.