Chime in if you feel the current difficulty is PERFECT

I want to hear from those that LOVE LOVE LOVE the current difficulty and pray it does not go away.

I have read too many “It is too hard” and “I quit until a patch comes out” and “it is unbalanced” stories, and I have not heard enough from those LOVING the difficulty. I know I am not the only masochist gamer. So come forward!

My reasons for loving the difficulty:

  1. It makes me think out my plan of attack before going into a battle vs a mindless attack.
  2. It forces me to prepare to have enough medkits and adrenaline shots before a battle.
  3. It makes me come up with creative solutions like dancing with Hunters around buildings to remove their weapons from around corners. Or shooting a Tank behind a Harvester causing the Tank to hit the Harvester and causing damage to it.
  4. It makes me giggle to hack an Apocalypse Hunter to then watch it flame throw damage a Harvester.
  5. I love disarming several Hunters and a Harvester to then dance circles around them with their helpless little faces.
  6. Shooting/ducking/shooting again again to disarm is all part of the game!

I don’t need responses of “don’t confuse bugs for difficulty.” I understand certain bugs such as enemies teleporting into a barn/structure can be very annoying. The splash damage of certain things like smoke bombs and missiles are somewhat questionable, but my answers to that are either find a larger building or rock to hide at or keep running to distance yourself to be able to hear/see the bombs/missiles launch to give more time to react to them.

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