Choppy. Really choppy

Just a bug report.


Steps To Reproduce:
Upon starting, couldn’t use mouse (Friend had same issue) So I knew to just restart. Then mouse worked. However, turning causes chop, which might be framerate crash? I don’t know. Unplayable. I turned graphics down a notch. No help. I’ll try turning them to minimum. If that fixes it, I’ll reply here.

I started the game. Problem just happens. Just need to move around.

Players in your game: Host or Client:
I was playing solo. Just me.

16GB RAM - GTX1060 6GB - Win7-64 - i5-2400

Images / Videos:

I have a gtx 770 and i just ended up turning most of my settings to medium and low, still good looking game even if the rendering isnt sharp

What windows version are you on?

I set things to the lowest settings and it was a little bit more playable. Regardless the game crashed after just a couple of minutes. I sent the crash report with some commentary.