Cinematic Question from Neebs Gaming - looking for a building (filming location)

Maybe next time, after the party.
“Wait, wait. Did you see this yesterday? Has is been there? Did someone check the barn before our party? :alien: :scream:

Party? I have had no invite to no party… :crazy_face:

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I loved the sleeping tank noises! Love this show.

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Can anyone direct us to an easily accessible school or university looking building? Needing an interior shot for our next Uncle Thick commercial in the series.


I’m sorry, but there is no such building.
Everything is almost the same.

In Himarvet, central Himfjäll (DLC Alpine Unrest) there is an enterable police station and in the lower eastern an enterable hotel, but both are parts of missions.

Maybe you could use the interior of the basements (staff section) of a command bunker.


There is a restaurant turned into a meeting place where Marja informs the people in Östervik of the latest news in her resistance newsletters. I has a whiteboard and chairs. That might work.

It’s located near Österviks Hamn (harbour) (1117, 52)


There is perhaps a better place, but I can’t get there anymore since it exploded for me when I did the mission "A Wrench in the Works ". But for you this facility (Redovisningskansli Öst) should still be accessible, but maybe only if you finished the Prerequisite missions:

  • “Refueling” (From the Farmlands warboard)
  • “Courage, Power and Resilience” (From the Forest warboard)
  • “The Old Guard” (From the Marshlands warboard)
  • “Lost and Found” (From the Mountains warboard)

This is a picture of the room, so you can see if it’s worth to try this and go there.

The easiest way to get there is via a mountain access red door. This door will scan you for access, so I don’t know if it will open for you. Just give it a try, if it opens you’re in luck, if not, well … you need to many missions, lots of work…, anyway below is the location of the red door.

If it opens, go through a long hallway until you reach narrow stairs going down. Take that stairs. Keep following the hallway until you reach a big stairwell going down several floors. Go down one floor and then head through the red door. It might be a scan door. If you can pass that door, go and find the education/briefing room. Have fun on this adventure. :coffee:


Video 8 is another great one… I am loving it. :smiley:


I love your eye for detail buddy. :sunglasses:

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There is also an education/briefing room in Stormyra Bunker in Farmlands (-943,-961), but here it’s rather dark, with the light flickering off an on. There’s also dead bodies and signs of fighting.

There’s also a room in Beredskapsförråd 113, that could be used for education. See below.


Ah, I remember.
I just was able to enter it once yet.
The game always crashed at the top of the stairs. Just one time it worked for me (ps5).

Sorry to hear. My game does not crash.


It was just some kind of warning.

By the way. Loved the new episode. Well, who doesn’t love Boobron? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I notice use of older 1c weapons. No updating to higher tier weapons as they find better loot?

But yes, who can not love Boobron? :smiley:

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Some things for sure are just for the show… And that’s good. I’m so thankful that they don’t just use all the 3c guns and equipment of the dlcs.

I love how they use crouching and going prone, the flashlights, whisper when machines are close. It’s a feeling that almost got lost for me, because of the skills and weapons and equipment you use if you have everything.

You can feel the fear… And the spooky side of the game :wink:

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Oh I do agree. I also enjoy when the team is split they add a radio type tone to the discussions. Very cool.


Just watched the 9th and at the 10th video they come across a controlpoint. :coffee: :+1:


Adjusted the title a bit for the sake of future content making.


Watched the new episode a few minutes ago.
What a battle!

Did you run out of locations now?
Is that the reason Uncle Thick is missing?
Btw. wonderful how you made that.


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Nice wordplay on “missing” poster. :sunglasses:

Just buy things from the Spreadshirt Shop for more information of Uncle Thicks wareabouts!!!

I bet they didn’t see all the locations I posted. I haven’t seen a reaction. :coffee: