Clothes changed from other character + one created by itself

Platform: PC

Description: My game crashed and before rejoining my steam friend I browsed through my characters. I chose Character 2 and she spawned with clothes from Character 3.
Also I noticed Character 4, which I never created, that was wearing clothes I took a screenshot of few days ago (she even has 100XP… not sure from where).

Steps To Reproduce: Just click on your characters, chose one and join a game (to be honest I’m not completely sure what I did there).
As for my 4th character - have no clue.

Host or Client: Client

Players in your game: 2

Specifications: i5 4670K, 16G RAM, GTX 1070

OK, today somehow I stumbled upon this bug again, did a bit of research, and came to a way to reliably reproduce this bug.

Let’s say that character 1 is active:

  1. go to the character selection menu
  2. hover the mouse cursor over a different character, 3 for example
  3. press ESC
  4. click on CONTINUE

This will replace the character 1 appearance with the one from 3.


This is what how i think it happened. Was playing on character slot 4 (male in adventure gear), had to save quit hit select character upon return (i think i quit to menu) was hovered over slot 3 (female in suit) hit esc to back out of character selection and hit continue. I now have 2 females in suits lol.
NOTE: the stats of the character seem not to have changed only the appearance of the character.
still lvl30 in slot 3 and 31 in slot 4
Cheers guys!

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Good find! I noticed it happen to 2 of my chars that had the same ‘base face’ only the clothing and hair differed, so I had problems reproing it as it seemed so minor.
But after first reading about one who changed ‘race’ from just swapping chars, and your problem, there obviously is a hovering problem.

I found that following your tests, it’s the pressing escape on char select, and using continue, that triggers a ‘temporary’ char (?!?) with the inventory of the one used, and the looks of the one that were hovered above before pressing escape?!?!
Going back to the char one started with, at least leaves the ‘temporary being’ and returns the one used first.
I will not dig deeper into this as I don’t want any sex-change even on my mules. But can confirm your way of doing it causes a temporary mixup of chars looks at least… from thereon heck knows what happens if it gets saved in that state.

Quite an annoying bug I’d say, as there is no way to change looks/gender (or respecc if skills gets inherited too)

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i have male character and now is my female? how did that go?

What is his preferred pronoun? /sarcasm

This is a bug, make bug report. Has happened me twice. During this week send saves files to Avalance try to figure out what causes this bug.

Is this your problem?

Hi. I’m reporting a bug where after accessing my 4th alt character, then switching to my 2nd alt character, my 2nd alt’s cosmetic appearance was replaced with a clone of the 4th alt. Weapons and inventory seem to be unaffected. However it is quite vexing as this character was female before and now my character alts are disproportionately male.

This isn’t drastically important. But unexpectedly switching gender is quite off putting.

Edit with more helpful troubleshooting stuff:
I just downloaded the November patch today. It solved my crashing issues.

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