Co-Op to Single Player Collectibles



Yes something along those lines for sure! It’s not that I don’t have the weapons/collectibles its that the game tells me I don’t have them and prevents me from obtaining the completion of specific areas.


Ah, in that case join a random multiplayer with a new character. You’ll be able to log them then once collected.


As far as i understand the original post, that’s what spawned the bug in the first place; he picked up the weapons on someone else’s map, witch apparently doesn’t credit him for the pickup on his own map.
Creating another character to join another map seems to me like repeating the experiment, hoping for a different outcome (Einstein’s definition of insanity by the way… :slight_smile: )


Yes! Its really hard to explain via type and I get that. It’s obviously something minor but regardless something I wished to bring up. It hasn’t interfered with any mission gameplay, just in the abstract idea of “game completion” listed by the game (which only really affects my OCD). Lol


Never underestimate OCD! :wink:
I would be boiling if i couldnt locate “that last item” that prevented my 100%…


In the early days, many of us did go insane since there were loot box counters as well. :crazy_face:
I wrote about those loot box counters in-depth here: Post the ammount of Loot to find

Minor for one, major for another one.

Due to this bug (weapons and collectibles registering only for host), i’ve skipped all weapons/collectibles in MP game where i’ve been client, while noting their loc, so that i can go in my solo game and pick them up, so that the weapon/collectible count registers in my game, as it’s supposed to.


Oh definitely understandable, when saying minor I meant it isn’t something that gameplay and combat pivots upon. I would for sure love to see it changed, especially since I don’t know if I’m capable of such tedious note-keeping while playing video games, that’s what college is for.


I collected 2 vacation photos on a multiplayer session but they didn’t show up on my collectibles, so I went on a offline session to collect them again and they weren’t there, I asked if this has happened to anyone in the discord discussion and a few people have had the same problem.


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Platform: PS4

Description: I have gotten all 18 blueprints but my game doesn’t show that I’ve gotten the army runner. When I go back to where it’s supposed to be it’s not there.

Steps To Reproduce: I go to 3183, 3042 and it’s not inside the crate where it’s supposed to be

Images / Videos:

Host or Client: I believe I was in a multiplayer game at the time I looted it but I can’t confirm.

Players in your game: if it was a multiplayer game it would have only been one other person (I only play the game with one friend)

Specifications: Just a regular PS4


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So I’m having the issue with not getting credit for a blueprint because I picked it up in a coop game, Is there any word of if they’re even looking for a fix or am I going to be stuck on 98% completion forever? Anyone hear anything?


Does this mean that certain trophies will no unlock?


Thank you for flagging and sorry to hear this is creating confusion in your single player games! We have created a bug report for this internally and will discuss how to proceed.


Platform: Xbox One

Description: After picking up a collectable or gun while playing in a friends hosted game, when I return to my solo game, the game will tell me the weapon or collectable at a location has not been picked up… yet when you go to where the item should be, it isnt there. (Because you’ve already collected it in someone else’s game)

I fear this error may end up breaking the game for completionists who want credit for collecting everything.

Steps To Reproduce: Pick up a collectable and weapon in a multiplayer game, where you are not host, then return to your own solo game. The collectable and weapon will be hone, but your game will tell you it’s still uncollected/found

Images / Videos:

Host or Client:

Players in your game:



I think I have a +1 at this. Went to ålnästet which says

Weapons 0/1
Collectibles 0/1

But he IL 74 is not there, and I cant find any weapon or collectible anywhere.

I did play alot of endgame missions with a friend on his server, and we did do the enemy of my enemy, and I’m pretty sure we cleared out ålnästet.


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Ålnästet collectibe vid:



Lol, the Dala horse was there.

Then I guess the weapon to collect here is NOT the IL 74?

I now have

Status screen

So is there another weapon than the IL 74?


Weapon there is 5* AI-76, currently obtainable only during “The Enemy of My Enemy” main mission, when the boat with mission item spawns in (weapon is in the boat).


Yeah, I suspected that.

I got that gun already. So bug?

Again this was done during a multiplayer session with a friend.