Completing locations - All weapons


Oh there’s one in that tower? Gah… well I know where it is now, thanks.


Is there anybody who finished the Fnix Rising Missions and who is willing to go to Stenungsnäs Generator to verify if the generator isn’t moving. If it does move this might be a bug for me. Or might there be another way to get that weapon on the roof? I don’t think there is a parkour route though.

Edit: I got it with a field radio.


Well I thought I had all locations completed but no, I have only 3 of 4 weapons from Torsberga fort. I searched and I searched but the bunker / fort is so big I tried several times. I can’t remember where I got the other three. Where could it be?


I have tried to get the sniper rifle from the watchtower at Masskar but I just can’t get the yellow pick-up highlight around it. I’ve got up to the top of the pallets and can reach the body and I can SEE the rifle, but not pick it up. Soooo frustrating. Every time I jump I end up under the tower. Is there a special location of technique needed to get up there?

Two other locations:

Asotungan Outpost. I have found a revolver by one of the barricades and a sniper rifle on top of the hill near the watchtower but have scored all around both the road camp and the hilltop camp with no luck. Can anyone say where the other two guns are?

Finally Skogsbo Homestead, the house that’s burning with the staircase blocked. I found the gun outside by the churchyard body but there’s one more gun around the house and I can’t find it. Any help folks?


You can get up. Climb onto the barrels jump on the ledge. Crouch, and work you way to the front, use little movements. When in front, try to stand up; you might need to backup a bit (again little movement). Do not fall off, and then jump up in the tower. I missed jumped a few times but I got it in the end.


In Tosberga fort:

  1. 3* AG5 (-4631, 4338) in the 1st part of the bunker. Should be next to dead soldier.
  2. 4* .44 Magnum (-4543, 4500) in the 2nd part of the bunker, in long tunnel.
  3. 3* m/49 (-4509, 4500) in same tunnel as above weapon, a bit further down.
  4. 4* semi-auto shotty (-4500, 4500) almost next to the m/49.

Guide here: Interesting locations

  1. 1* .44 Magnum (-165, 2065)
  2. 1* .243 s-rifle (-187, 2038)
  3. 1* .270 s-rifle (-200, 2056)
  4. 1* .270 s-rifle (-242, 2050)

  1. 1* AG5 (136, 2812) at the cemetery.
  2. 1* Möller (168, 2863) inside the house.

Co-Op to Single Player Collectibles
For people who want to know weapon locations ****spoilers****

It was the shotgun. I past it many times, it was under a soldier hidden in the shadow. He’s on the right a few metres away from to me.


Yes, its in the watch tower.

Facing it, jump on the left wooden support, crouch - carefully creep around the edge so you are facing the entry and can see the dead soldier - stand back up and spam forward jump.


So I before I thought I had all weapon locations done, since I did not find any location (by mouse-over on location icons on the map) that indicated to me that there were weapons to collect. However today I was at Torsberga Fort taking photos and I got the message I only had 3/4 weapons from that location. I checked again after I found the 4th weapon. Moused-over Torsberga Fort safehouse but again no message. This means I have to travel to each safehouse to make sure that that location is completed 100%, because it does not show me on the map. Stats show that I have 175 completed.


May be you can provide some more details on the Asotungan Outpost weapons? Like, some description or screens. Because I can’t find anything but 1 weapon (I even forgot what it was, maybe the rifle on the hill).


Just added screens, under “Screenshots” tag (click on it to view).


Huge thanks! But like I was afraid, I wouldn’t be able to MISS the rifles and a magnum. They are just not there. This is disappoiting. Completing the whole game and all the achievements but being not able to loot some damn guns just because someone got them before you and you just joined his game…
Got only 9 locations unlooted…


It doesn’t go like that. Instead, it goes like this:

  • join MP game as client
  • pick up weapon in MP game (e.g weapons 1/4)
  • you got the weapon
  • get back in your game
  • game doesn’t register the weapon loot counter in your game (still shows: weapons 0/4)
  • since game knows you picked up the weapon, it won’t spawn 2nd one for you to pick up in your own game


@Aesyle, you see, the point is that I haven’t been in Asotungan before that. In Himarvet, yes - I picked up KVM in the police station before I got there on my own (as part of the quest). But I wasn’t in Asotungan in MP game. And once I got there in SP I was able to find only rifle on the hill.

Anyway, I’m so tired of sneaking around the places and looking under every stone. Will check the weapons next time when I will install the game (with the new DLC or after new big patch).


Need help in Himarvet

I have found 6 of the 7 weapons, but can’t find the 7th one anywhere. Any help would appreciated. (I have found 4 pistols in the alley, the sniper on the truck and the one in the police from the mission)


There’s 2* 12G Shotty in the middle of the town as well.

Exact co-ords

(3996; -612)


Omg!!! I have probably walked overtop of it a hundred times, lmao!! Thank you!!!


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Tokerod Farm Question

I posted this in the Steam Discussions also, there’s a weapon somewhere on the farm that I can’t locate. There’s a FNIX Outpost on the farm that I can’t find a way into. It shows something picking me up (probably a tick inside) but I don’t see any way to get in. Is there a way in?


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There is only one weapon at Tokeröd Farm and it’s 3* AI-76.

For a clue: it’s at the same building as the safehouse is.

For spoiler, exact co-cords

(-3967, 4195)

Yes. Side mission named “The Virus”.