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Need help in Himarvet

I have found 6 of the 7 weapons, but can’t find the 7th one anywhere. Any help would appreciated. (I have found 4 pistols in the alley, the sniper on the truck and the one in the police from the mission)

There’s 2* 12G Shotty in the middle of the town as well.

Exact co-ords

(3996; -612)

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Omg!!! I have probably walked overtop of it a hundred times, lmao!! Thank you!!!

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Tokerod Farm Question

I posted this in the Steam Discussions also, there’s a weapon somewhere on the farm that I can’t locate. There’s a FNIX Outpost on the farm that I can’t find a way into. It shows something picking me up (probably a tick inside) but I don’t see any way to get in. Is there a way in?

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There is only one weapon at Tokeröd Farm and it’s 3* AI-76.

For a clue: it’s at the same building as the safehouse is.

For spoiler, exact co-cords

(-3967, 4195)

Yes. Side mission named “The Virus”.

OK, if you say so. I’m in the building, there’s no weapon anywhere as far as I can tell… I’ve been in it, around it, under it. Can’t find anything…

Sure, there is.


I guess, if you played with friends, the weapon was taken.

Nope, not there. I have played coop with my son, maybe it was taken then…

In this case, you have the same issue as described here: Co-Op to Single Player Collectibles

While that topic initially talks about collectables, the same applies to the stand-alone weapons.

Thanks. I know I’ve had problems with coop, I finished the ‘Follow Calle’s Truck’ on coop with my son, but it doesn’t register on my game. This is the first time I’ve noticed a missing weapon though.

Today I found yet another two new locations (for me) which I had not visited before, bringing the discovered location tally in my stats to 291. It was the sixth location with a stone circle and the third location with a stone ship However I still did not find any other Runestones (that @Pufty talked about) beyond the three locations we already know.

well done @Gysbert :sunglasses:

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I have problem with finding wepons in åsötungan outpos. The problem is that those aren’t there, it looks like i have picked those before but location marker indicates that I didn’t find them, by the way marker isn’t at the right place. Is there any way to fix this wepons bug?

F23 Överby Air Base has now 6 weapons to find. The first 4 were easy to find, all on the same spot (sort off). But the last two weapons are giving me a headache (not really :wink:). Has anybody found all six? I haven’t seen anybody talking about this, so I was wondering, were they easy to find, or is no-one bothered yet to find them?

Have you found the hammer on the brick building?

When you walk towards the Skinnarbol Crater you get the indication that 1 collectable (I have that) and 1 Relay beacon can be found there. But I have been searching for that relay beacon to get 100% completion for that area, but it is giving me a hard time. I have been walking in an ever decreasing circle toward the center, but it keeps eluding me. Can anybody confirm it’s actually in the crater?

Yes, I found möller pistol, automatgevar, algstudsare, and a hammer. But there should be two more.