Completing locations - All weapons

Honestly, I think they are in the research center, which we can’t get into.

I was thinking that too, at first, but the game mostly does not lock up findable weapons. I have seen weapons just lying in the mud, or partially under another object. Those are easy to miss. There are two dead men lying around the base of the brick building, where you expect a weapon. One of them has two knives, but I can’t grab those.

We can with a bit of hokuspokus. :innocent: But there is nothing of real interest there. There are 4 lootable Fnix harvester dumping stations, so I guess we will be able to get in some day. But the weapons aren’t there.

Yes both are there , try approaching from the south, that is how it appeared for me

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I will give it a try.

Well, I have been searching for the Relay beacon that belongs to Skinnarbol Crater 100% area for a long time now, without success. I don’t think it is showing for me. I have to wait until someone makes a picture of it’s actual location so I can confirm that it’s not there for me, or if I am a fool for missing for so long.
Problem is also that there is another relay beacond very close to the Crater that belongs to the Skinnerbol Farm 100% area. That might give confusion.

As for the 6 weapons to be found in the F23 Överby Air base, of which I found four. It is entirely possible that I not looking good enough, but the lack of other people responding that have found all 6, makes me believe that there is something amiss. Here I can also only confirm my suspicion, when someone post locations coords. The first four were very easy to find because they were in a new location that before was not accessible. So that was an obvious spot to search.

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I had found that one, and it says it’s the Skinnarbol Relay Beacon

When I walk towards the Skinnarbol Crater (unknown) it says I found the Collectable but not the Relay Beacon.

I notice that you do not have that Unkown waypoint.

Yes, i don’t have that side mission marker in the middle of the crater. Though, i’ve been at the crater twice now.

It is possible that besides the “unknown” error in the loc name, the relay beacon counter is also an error and shouldn’t be listed at all, since there are no other relay beacons in that immediate area.

Probably Just something for a future update that slipped in

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Forgot to ask, but did you find more than 4 weapons that count for 100% completion of F23 Air Base area? There were people saying they had, but they never responded when I asked for a hint. Some one said he couldn’t remember but believed he found one outside the fence.

So you get the 100% completion notice for the crater area with 1/1 collectable. I hope that future side missions there will not be screwed up because of this bug.

I don’t get any icon/notification about that loc on the map. Without map icon, i can’t see any stats about that loc.

4x new weapons are around the main building in the airfield (the one that has apo harv blueprint). The other two weapons are inside the bunker, at the end of Flying Blind mission, inside the vault (.50 cal and m/49).

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PS4, I have completed that mission Flyinf Blind, got the weapons from the inner lockers. Now it’s saying I need them. Air field 4 of 6 weapons and the weapons are not in the lockers. This is just like Asotungan Post, now missing 3 weapons that I already have picked up. BUGGED

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You mean in the one of the 3 blue vaults with all the gas? I thought I had them already.
Did you get the 100% completion with 6/6 weapons? At least now I know I can stop looking.:wink:


Long time ago, i picked both vault weapons up. Now, after November '20 update and addition of 4 more weapons on airfield, i have my weapon count at 2/6.


Also, i don’t pick any weapons up anymore. Since when someone else needs a loc for a weapon, i can screenshot their location for them. And i like when there are items laying around in the world. It makes the world more “full”.

Has anyone found all 3 weapons at Boo Bruk AB? Can only get 2/3

From another topic, one easily missable weapon:

Weapon locations after the Landfall Update

Borgakulan (2) (F)

1* magnus in hut
1 meuser hunting rifle in hut

Bröangen Control point (1) (FL)

3* AI-76 in back of truck (-971, -724) at military Camp

Flottnäsviken (1) (HI)

Möller PP - green office building roof, hanging on antenna.

Haga (2) (F)

3 * Sjoqvist in shed (need explosion) at 958, 240
1* Branball bat behind counter in party barn at 992, 230

IGA (2) (F)

3* PVG at 2278, 116
2* Automatgevär at 2245, -54

Two extra guns to find which don’t count but are fun to get:
3* AI-76 on crane at 2386, -202
2* moller pp at 2285, -185

Klinthytta (2) (ML)

2* AI-76 in house
2* Klauke on table in house

Lilla (2) (F)

2* Algstudsare at 628, 673
2* 12G Pump at 463, 686

Markbacken (8) (total 11) (F)

1* moller pp on chest shooting range (716, -15)
1* Algstudsare on chest shooting range (716, -15)
2* Klauke in house 723, 101
1 weapon in basement flat at 822, 66 (I think it was a magnus)
2* Meuser on roof at 995, -6
2* Automatgevär behind at 1031,-117

  • ?
  • ?

The other 2 I forgot to note so if you find them wrote them down. I think these 2 were found at some dead bodies. but not sure.

Nyhammen (2) (F)

3* Kpist ontop containers at 1255, 794
3* Magnus ontop containers at 1187, 838"]

Ramsboda Farm (4) (ML)

Automatgevär at -1972, -2243 in lookout
Automatgevär at -1992, -2239 on the shed roof
Automatgevär at -1983, -2215 at the chair in house
Hunting Rifle at -1958, -2223 upstairs in barn

SKarven Bunker (2) (A)

1* HP5 standing against the yellow barrier in engine room near the stairs to the gas leak (-4013, 3065) 3*AG5 on top of military cupboards at -40, 3090

Soviet recon camp (3) (ML)

1 Automatgevär in gard box
1 Handgun in tent
possibly 1 unknown at fallen soldier but can’t be seen or picked up (bug reported)

Stenmyra (1) (ML)

2* Klauke at -593, -4047

Extra weapon in Gamla Stan brought my counter to 3/2

1* 12 Pump-action on garden table at 1223, -99 (F)