Interesting locations

Yeah @Thagen found that place too a week ago.
Nobody knows the story behind it yet, if there is a story.
Just fun with variation of houses I’d guess and big :hearts: to them for doing houses really interesting this way.

I miss practice this morning.

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Not sure but let me guess you’re in Haga…

Yeah still missing one weapon in Lilla, I was on an adventure

I noticed over at the second hovercraft there were boat trailers. One behind a vehicle at the boat ramp and another one in a parking lot. I don’t remember seeing them before the update. Are these new?

If you need/want help I posted most locations here


This little area out in the Farmlands near Boo Church caught my eye, dont recall ever seeing it before Landfall dropped. Appears as though someone managed to live there and even start a tiny bit of gardening at a window (not visible since couldnt get other side).

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I like the vibe here


Looks like that is where the grave of L. salonen is…

No idea, never saw a grave there and didnt even know that grave existed.

There is a name plate there a silvery hexagon or pentagon with test. Shine light on it.
The little hut, garden and grave all on the hill close to eachother.

Scrolled back a bit but could not see if this location was posted previously:

At this position:

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:laughing: But it was posted :smiley:

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There is a cabin on Himfjall island that have several digital clocks in sets of three and two together. Clocks in the old days didn’t have a snooze function apparently so several clocks was used instead… :slight_smile:



Just a few shots from my gameplay in mountainous areas yesterday…
It’s so beautiful.


Also important to note that no people were/are norse, the language was norse, hence why they were called norsemen by foreigners (people who spoke norse). No one in Scandinavia (or Norway where I’m from call themselves norse).

I found a new camp site I hadn’t been before. I was trying to find the place where the person(s) known only as “The growing Tree” is/are located. Because of the sparse clues I am l not sure if this is the place.


Which clues do you mean?
Interesting place indeed. Doesn’t look familiar to me. But I can’t see why this should be a place of “the growing tree”.


In the lore there is a person or persons known only by “The Growing Tree”. This person(s) wants to trade food & ammo for Apples. The clues talk about the place where the survivors should leave the apples for pick up, if the want to trade. I was trying to find that place. This is mostly not the correct spot, because not house near by.

Clue 1: *This person(s) communicates via letters left at the post office. *
Clue 2: To trade apples can be left at the last house by the road leading north from Östervik.


Take a look inside these house…