Completing locations - All weapons

PS4, I have completed that mission Flyinf Blind, got the weapons from the inner lockers. Now it’s saying I need them. Air field 4 of 6 weapons and the weapons are not in the lockers. This is just like Asotungan Post, now missing 3 weapons that I already have picked up. BUGGED

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You mean in the one of the 3 blue vaults with all the gas? I thought I had them already.
Did you get the 100% completion with 6/6 weapons? At least now I know I can stop looking.:wink:


Long time ago, i picked both vault weapons up. Now, after November '20 update and addition of 4 more weapons on airfield, i have my weapon count at 2/6.


Also, i don’t pick any weapons up anymore. Since when someone else needs a loc for a weapon, i can screenshot their location for them. And i like when there are items laying around in the world. It makes the world more “full”.

Has anyone found all 3 weapons at Boo Bruk AB? Can only get 2/3

From another topic, one easily missable weapon:

Weapon locations after the Landfall Update

Borgakulan (2) (F)

1* magnus in hut
1 meuser hunting rifle in hut

Bröangen Control point (1) (FL)

3* AI-76 in back of truck (-971, -724) at military Camp

Flottnäsviken (1) (HI)

Möller PP - green office building roof, hanging on antenna.

Haga (2) (F)

3 * Sjoqvist in shed (need explosion) at 958, 240
1* Branball bat behind counter in party barn at 992, 230

IGA (2) (F)

3* PVG at 2278, 116
2* Automatgevär at 2245, -54

Two extra guns to find which don’t count but are fun to get:
3* AI-76 on crane at 2386, -202
2* moller pp at 2285, -185

Klinthytta (2) (ML)

2* AI-76 in house
2* Klauke on table in house

Lilla (2) (F)

2* Algstudsare at 628, 673
2* 12G Pump at 463, 686

Markbacken (8) (total 11) (F)

1* moller pp on chest shooting range (716, -15)
1* Algstudsare on chest shooting range (716, -15)
2* Klauke in house 723, 101
1 weapon in basement flat at 822, 66 (I think it was a magnus)
2* Meuser on roof at 995, -6
2* Automatgevär behind at 1031,-117

  • ?
  • ?

The other 2 I forgot to note so if you find them wrote them down. I think these 2 were found at some dead bodies. but not sure.

Nyhammen (2) (F)

3* Kpist ontop containers at 1255, 794
3* Magnus ontop containers at 1187, 838"]

Ramsboda Farm (4) (ML)

Automatgevär at -1972, -2243 in lookout
Automatgevär at -1992, -2239 on the shed roof
Automatgevär at -1983, -2215 at the chair in house
Hunting Rifle at -1958, -2223 upstairs in barn

SKarven Bunker (2) (A)

1* HP5 standing against the yellow barrier in engine room near the stairs to the gas leak (-4013, 3065) 3*AG5 on top of military cupboards at -40, 3090

Soviet recon camp (3) (ML)

1 Automatgevär in gard box
1 Handgun in tent
possibly 1 unknown at fallen soldier but can’t be seen or picked up (bug reported)

Stenmyra (1) (ML)

2* Klauke at -593, -4047

Extra weapon in Gamla Stan brought my counter to 3/2

1* 12 Pump-action on garden table at 1223, -99 (F)


Above and beyond mate thank you.

I’ll dedicate tonight’s stream in your honour. :smiley:


Flawless mate just did it.

I did a scout of the other 2, found plenty of soldiers - none with guns. I shall keep an eye out


AliasDJA have you on Xbox by chance also a pick-up bug, at the Soviet Recon Camp, with picking up the 3rd weapon? Or haven’t you been there yet?

I found it last night, new location - 0/3 weapons.

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How many weapons did you find? Two or three?

I’ve not looked yet to be fair my friend, always bloody dark. But I shall give it a sweep next opportunity of Sunshine

Right, Ill give it a go later and report back - as you are now the leading authority on such matters - is this still bugged?

Yes, it is the same on my map. I have the collectable but the counter says otherwise. I made a Bug report about the problem around the 100% completion of locations. We will have to wait and see if they get fixed some day.

Well I have never picked it up there, so I will again report back if it now registers

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Pistol and AK so far. The third is yet to be found

There a body laying face down, hands above his head.
He has a grab icon between his hands. :point_left:

Weapon 3/3

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A stick? Are you joking? :man_shrugging:

A slight funny on my part. This is the closest I have come to finding the 3rd weapon.

I’ve an idea I plan to try tonight though ref the one with the pickup by the soldier