Weapon locations with screenshots

According to fan wiki there once was a farm called Rodgård Farm, I can’t confirm that with coords, could it be that is has gotten another name. If anybody knows the coords… do tell.

Let’s see…

Actually, three weapons there;
2* 12G - next to cash register
2* HP5 - in the bathroom
2* Klaucke - in the car


With FNIX Rising DLC/update, additional weapon is added to there, making total of 3 weapons;
1* Möller - next to a dead runner
1* Basball bat - next to a dead person
1* Klaucke - on top of the kiosk


No screen for Möller since everyone knows where it is.

Oh well done you.

The darkness in this game is very consistent

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Thanks Aesyle. There are indeed three weapons but when I travel to Yttervik it says 100% completed weapons 1/1, Collectables 3/3. So are two of these weapons not counted for the 100% location completion?

I have 291 locations found and 290 completed. I have been trying to find that one location which i did not complete. I am starting to think I it might be any of the locations we can’t access no more like Rö or FOA 53.

There are many places on the map which has more weapons laying around than shown on the weapon loot counter. In one way, it makes the loc completion easier since you don’t have to find all of them. But in other hand, it makes it difficult since it’s unknown which weapons do count towards 100% completion and which ones don’t.

Back in the day, when you wanted to get 100% loc completion, besides finding all collectables and weapons, you had to find all loot bags/boxes as well since latter did had it’s own loot counter. (More info about it here.) Devs have since then removed the loot bags/boxes counter because it was out of whack and it was easier to remove the counter than go over each and every location to fix it.

That being said, i don’t know if devs have also updated the weapon counter. But my best guess is that they haven’t. This is evident above, where on one loc, there are 3x weapons while counter shows 2x and in another loc, again, 3x weapons but counter shows only 1x weapon.

Safest bet is to pick up every single weapon you come across. Though, many weapons are cleverly hidden and it’s easy to miss them.

There are no weapons to be picked up inside the RÖ and FOA 5. So, no need to worry about those locs.

Yes true, I have been picking up every weapon lately, but in the beginning I didn’t. I’m busy to visit every location that is known to me again to see if any of them is the one I need to complete. In between trying to get more rivals to spawn and find schematics, but it a slow process. :turtle:

One question.

Is it really important to collect all weapons? Is this important for to finish a mission? Or missed i something when i didn’t collect all ? Or is it only “nice to have” that the counter shows 100%.

In the first time i collected all what i have found but since it turned out for me that i use only four weapons i throw the collected weapons what had one or two stars, away or i got them to the recycling station and recycled them, because i saw it useless in carrying :camel: :camel: :camel: a bunch of similar weapons with me


I don’t have many locations finished and it doesn’t hinder the game completion.

help find the weapon (0/1) in the location Boo Brook AB plz

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Behind building, at the Russian observatory point.

1* AG5 (-720, -1235)

Click here to see loc screens

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There’s one (Möller) upstairs on the bed, and a rifle outside the house. That’s all I remember.

I guess Dmitry already found this topic: Vastra Mark weapon location

Can’t find the sixth weapon at Fiskeback!
I’ve found the Magnus, Klauck, Bat, Shotgun, and HP5. Can’t seem to find whatever the last one is to save my life.

All weapons in Fiskebäck:

2* .44 Magnus (-4528, 3694)

Loc screens

2* HP5 (-4530, 3686)

Loc screens

2* Klaucke (-4544, 3696)

Loc screens

3* 12G shotty (-4546, 3700)

Loc screens

1* .44 Magnus (-4611, 3744)

Loc screens

2* Baseball bat (-4651, 3751)

Loc screens

From this topic: Vesslan Command Bunker | 1/3 Weapons but i’ll put them here as well:

Vesslan Command Bunker

1* AG4 (1523, 3776)
1* .270 (1687, 3773)
1* Klaucke (1681, 3769)

Loc screens




Can someone explain to me how to get that shotgun out of the back seat of that car… I can’t get far enough into the vehicle for it to light up.



  • s.west

Blow up the car? :thinking:

Is that even possible?

  • s.west

Yes. Just fire at the car, preferably at the engine. Though, cars had their HP increased in few updates back and they now need more ammo before blowing up. But all cars do blow up, while all trucks are immune to the damage.

Please don’t post links to the deca map. It uses datamining which is against the EULA.


OK no problem, I did not know that. :grin: