For people who want to know weapon locations ****spoilers****

if you have collected it in any of your characters than it wouldnt be there unless you deleted them all and restarted

I’m pretty sure I didn’t pick it up - but if you say it’s still there, it must have been a long time ago.

it was there pre base assault maybe it got removed

Hi. I’m trying to tidy up my map and see that at Ostervik Gamla Stan I am showing 1/2 weapons. I have seardhed and found no reference to this being a bug so assume it’s just that I haven’t found it yet. Does anyone have the location of both weapons please?

Here’s a video showing all the items at Gamla Stan by TNQDAT Channel. They have videos showing how to complete almost every location.

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Cheers for that .I was missing the one where you crawl through the little tunnel.

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i cant find the special 44.magnus on the shelf outside FOA 2

Unless it was removed recently, it should be in the little green military building to the right of FOA 2’s entrance. The building has a smashed computer inside and the whole thing is a mess.

The Magnus should be on a shelf in the room on the right without the computer (I think). It’s pretty easy to miss.

Its on the bookshelf

Does anyone know a location of a klaucke 17 3or4 crown? I’ve been grinding for 2 hours to find one but no luck thx🤔

Take a look at the wiki:

There’s a 5c Klauke in the back of a police car at this player’s location. This is an old screenshot but it still works.

What a relief, I thought they removed the 5 crown in the cop car because I went there back in The April update and it wasn’t there​:grinning::+1:

I picked it up a few days ago after a weapon respawning glitch

This post has done so well, it is crazy. Thanks for all the support guys.

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It’s been genuinely useful :slightly_smiling_face:

With so many new revamps added, feel free to add more weapon locations to the list.

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Anybody ever found the weapon (0/1) at the dirt track (Broangen control point)?

Or the second weapon (1/2) at the Skarven Bunker on Archipelago? This was most likely added with the Companion update.

I havent really looked lol

I dont know why it disappears I thought it was glitched but many times ive gone there and the boat was gone but i went there a day ago and the little
Boat was there so its not gone it just shows up and disappears for some reason but it isnt gone.