For people who want to know weapon locations ****spoilers****

Take a look at the wiki:

There’s a 5c Klauke in the back of a police car at this player’s location. This is an old screenshot but it still works.

What a relief, I thought they removed the 5 crown in the cop car because I went there back in The April update and it wasn’t there​:grinning::+1:

I picked it up a few days ago after a weapon respawning glitch

This post has done so well, it is crazy. Thanks for all the support guys.

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It’s been genuinely useful :slightly_smiling_face:

With so many new revamps added, feel free to add more weapon locations to the list.

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Anybody ever found the weapon (0/1) at the dirt track (Broangen control point)?

Or the second weapon (1/2) at the Skarven Bunker on Archipelago? This was most likely added with the Companion update.

I havent really looked lol

I dont know why it disappears I thought it was glitched but many times ive gone there and the boat was gone but i went there a day ago and the little
Boat was there so its not gone it just shows up and disappears for some reason but it isnt gone.

List all your places here

You use both. One is an X axis coordinate and the other it the Y axis.

Example: X: -2653 Y:3564

PVG 90 in IGA Industrial Facility on top of one of the two towers, cords: 1969, 100, requires a bit of parkour to get there

PS: Its a 3* PVG


Someone suggested to me, when whichever update added Broangen Dirt Track, that the weapon tagged to that location is not AT that location…but is instead an AI76 in a little Russian camp across the road to the east. Not sure what the quality is or was, probably White/1C or Green/2C…careful of Ticks in the area of the camp. I think the weapon is in a wooden tower, probably with a dead Russian soldier nearby.

As for Skarven, if you remember doing the ‘Making Friends’ mission to get the companion…check the room where you found the part you needed, there. That new weapon was indeed added with that update, and should be a Blue/3C AG5. It’ll be up high, on top of some lockers—you’ll need to climb up on top of some stuff, crates or boxes, to get it.

Pretty nice find for a new player, the Skarven AG5…but not as nice as the Blue/3C AG4 and Purple/4C Assault Rifle Silencer they added to Saltholmen (Naval) Bunker at some point before. Both of those are in the garage entrance, the rifle laying on the floor behind some boxes in a corner in the gated area behind the ‘trailer/shack’ in there, and the silencer is up on the ‘trailer/shack’ roof.

I don’t have the exact coordinates handy. I do have videos for the Skarven AG5 and Saltholmen AG4+Suppressor, but I’m an idiot when it comes to getting them off my console (plain old XB1) and getting to where I can share them on here. I used to have some idea what I was doing with computers and image sharing, but that was a decade or two ago. These new operating systems annoy the hell out of me, I can’t ever tell where I’m saving something or where to go to retrieve it for any purpose… I did at least figure out how to copy my captures to an external hard drive, to escape any stupidity with XBL’s new capture longevity policy…but that’s about as far as I’ve gotten.

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I will take a look again.
I thought I already got everything there, but the missing weapon at broangen dirt track.

That little Soviet camp was added before new dawn, while the dirt track Came with dangerous experiments more than several updates later. Still I’ll have a look. Thanks.

Btw, did the weapon count at Broangen jump to 1/1 for you?

Edit: I don’t think the little camp is the place for the Broangen weapon. If I walk away from the camp toward Broangen, after a while I get the message 0/1 weapons found, not if if I walk towards the little camp.
I am sure this has no priority, but maybe @SR_Carni could find out if the weapon can be found, or if it’s bugged.

This weapon I have found. That was indeed a tricky one.

I have the same problem finding the weapon at/near Broangen, double checked the Soviet camp to the east, checked the shed 200M NNE for Broangen as well. If anyone has a clue, please help a Survivor out!

Yeah, I knew the unmarked Russian camp in the field there was older than the dirt track. I had already completely looted that camp and pretty much everywhere else before the Broangen revamp happened. I’ve gone over Broangen Dirt Track with a fine toothed comb, and turned up nothing. I’m still at 0 for the weapon. That it might’ve been a weapon at that other camp incorrectly tagged was just a rumor that had been relayed to me, that I hadn’t been able to verify as I had already looted it on all my worlds. I was hoping it might turn out to be true, but maybe not.

I’ve checked the storage bunker further to the west, the shed on the edge of the woods in the middle of the race track where a bunch of fuel is stored, checked Stormyra Bunker to see if it was something there incorrectly tagged, got up on rooftops during a Base Assault, on top of and inside of containers where possible, feel like I’ve checked all around the starting line, the garages, the caravans/campers, the cars parked here and there, the ruined garage…gone all around the woods, though it’d be easy to miss something there I guess…

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The game indicates where the search area of the weapon starts. If we approach the area from different directions we can globally see how big the search area is.

Since nobody on the forums posted they found it after such a long time, we can assume that the weapon isn’t there, or bugged. Just like the 3rd weapon at the Soviet Recon Camp was. That one was eventually fixed. But that also took a while, because of other priorities elsewhere, I guess.

However, even though this is a low priority issue, many of us like the missing Broangen weapon put correctly back into the game. :coffee:


I was just at Landing Zone Boris, where I have 0/1 weapon in the stats. I had posted about this in july '22.
Has anybody found that weapon, or is it still missing?

I’ll have a look and see if I can figure anything out about it, next time I get on. I’ll have to dig around a little for some other information, too, while I’m at it.


Okay, so, I went and had another look around Boris…and nothing immediately sprang to mind. So many places the weapon could possibly have been, and no recollection of just where it was exactly. One spot in particular drew my attention, though.

Inside the hovercraft itself, the devs have arranged objects in just such a way that might be something of a jump puzzle. You can get up on top of some boxes or oil drums, then jump from them to the top level of a stack of bunks, and then from there you can get up on top of some containers—careful you don’t bang your head on the hovercraft framework and equipment hanging overhead… The weapon there might be on top of the bunks, or on top of the containers.

Or, it might just be leaning against the wall by the door to the right of the bunks, or some place else around the area… The bunks or containers are my top suspected locations, in any case.

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