For people who want to know weapon locations ****spoilers****

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I was going slightly mad at 1am :crazy_face:

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I also had this in several new locations) it seems a tiny place, I looked at every centimeter and did not find it. and I didn’t notice a huge rifle on a pillow in the bed for several hours)))

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I like to think I’m pretty good a finding them - but wow this one got me

There are total of 6 weapons in the town of Boo.

Screenshots for finding them better

1* AG4

1* Baseball bat

1* .44 Magnum

3* 12G shotty

1* Klaucke

1* .44 Magnum

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found a 1 krownd mangnum near the old medivel fort near the begining Island farm you go to after the kyrck in the begining used by a down poilet theres some Runners/ dogs atlest 1 greneade dog.

Does anyone know a location for a tier 2-3 sqovist auto shotgun, really looking forward to have one in my Arsenal👍

There are several:

A little bit of parkour needed:

At the end of Woodcutter side mission:
(I’ve picked up mine, hence why i can’t show it on screen. But it is there.)

At the end of “Emergency Supplies” side mission:

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Thank you, I will grab the one in Ostervik for now since I haven’t gone more north than Stora Dyrbo. Thank you Aesyle, and Happy 4th of July to all of you​:sunglasses::us::us::us:


Anyone know a location for a tier 3 or 4 .44 Magnum?

Have you tried Tosberga fort, there should be a 4* .44 Magnum (-4543, 4500) in the 2nd part of the bunker, in long tunnel.

I have not reached Tosberga Fort yet but I will investigate once I do.
I am currently doing the mission “Gas Run” and will move further southwest to find the Panther .44 Magnum after I complete the mission. Thank you for your help and may FNIX be destroyed. Vive La Resistance :sweden:

Besides Tosberga Fort (“Spiking the Guns” main mission), you’ll also get 4* .44 Magnus when you complete “The Gun Club” side mission in Mountains region.

3* .44 Magnus is rewarded at the end of “To the Lighthouse” side mission (South Coast).

I can’t remember how those missions went. The use of words like “you get” and “rewarded” seems to me those weapons are not simply found on location, or do they?

They are.

Also, many of these weapons doesn’t require you to take and complete the mission. You have access to the POI freely and it’s up to the player to keep eyes open, to pick up the weapon.

Me pointing out the mission makes it easier to locate/keep in mind.

I did pick up the 4 crown Magnus after The Gun club. Thx

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They are there, I found them all (but different platform).

Thanks mate, just 6 more please :sweat_smile:

I added 4 more for ya…

I’ll do a sweep this evening again, at least if they are all pin pointed - should make a fly in visit to grab them a bit easier.

Can I ask though - those on XB having issues, are you using a vintage XB1, New XB1, Project Scorpio…etc

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