For people who want to know weapon locations ****spoilers****

I’m going a little stir crazy trying to find the weapons in Linderbar After Ski (4757.737 / 44.848) & Ljuset Commune (4190.431 / -375.762 )

Reward for successful capture

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All weapons in Ljuset Commune:

Click here to see loc screens

Watch tower
3* .243

Watch tower
2* .243

2* 12G shotty

1* 12G shotty

2* .44 Magnus

All weapons in Linderbar After Ski:

Click here to see loc screens

Behind bartop
2* .243 (4760, 49)

And what is my reward? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I feel I would need to add a spoiler link before hand, how do I do that?

The topic title has "the word “spoilers” in it.

Yeah, grated - but there’s the click to view links so I thought I would check. I’ve also has some messages from other forum members about keeping the threads tidy, but like your thinking :smile:

Your reward in return, is a screenshot ( or rather 2 ) of the illusive delft plate. Known to some as “levitating lunch”, however in this rare un-scripted session we see it finally, in all its glory.

Behold it’s powers


You could add any spoilers under the collapse tag, just like i did with the loc screens.

To create collapse tag, click on the gear icon in the text formatting tab (just left from emoticons icon). New drop-down menu appears and from there, select “Hide Details”. The collapse tag is automatically added to your reply, e.g like so:


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I’ve seen several of them and to me, they are “flying saucers” (literally). :grin:

In light of your previous experiences, I also offer this as a reward.

During the battle of the farmlands - there were many lives lost. The faint smell of salt Peter and sulphur is still as dense in the air as the day the Reaper fell.

The souls that still remain, now stuck between the afterlife and the real world - sometimes remind us of what we fought for.

Prepare Yourself

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Wow thanks, a real Dutch Delfts Blue plate. :sunglasses:

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I think I found all weapons and completed all locations known to me including the ones that were revamped. Even the ones that were previously broken. I now have 295 locations 100% completed. I haven’t found any new locations this update but I am still looking for those.

farmland reg 5+ new loc )

Yes, but those 5 are included in the 295 (discovered and 100% locations) total I have so far.

I walked around all areas, all roads, all nooks and crannies on the map and completed 100% in all shown and not shown locations on the map. still there is not much in the accomplished

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304 + 1 .305 100% )on f23 the destruction of the lighthouse was not performed, but it is not there

Because you probably played multiplayer, your numbers are not free of duplicates and can’t be used anymore as facts. You have for instance a 116 safehouse count while there are only 101 in the game. Or 49 days longest combat. While mine says 2 hours. My stats are clean of multiplayer contamination, because I do not play multiplayer nor have I started another character.

If this is a game malfunction, then I think the developer should fix it first. All that is done in this game is collecting weapons, items, badges, achievements. Only numbers, and it’s disgusting when they are not correct

I agree that this is not how it should be. I had some of my friends asking to play with them, but I declined because of this. I want to keep my data clean of duplicates. Even though I know, I can’t really be sure my data is correct. Still I love playing this game. Time for … :coffee:

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also the most outrageous update was when many small location markers were missing from the map. it was nice to climb every bush to reveal at least something on my map, it took many many days. and then one day the map became very poor in designations … ((

It started happening when FNIX Rising update came. It wiped loc icons from map for all of South Coast. Also, further map revamps also removed loc icons from map, within the scope of revamp area.

Though, this issue has been communicated to devs and i even sent in my save file for troubleshooting the issue. So, fix may come in next update.

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I’m struggling to find the 2 “other” guns at Boo Church.

I’ve got the two in the barn, but going slightly stir crazy.

I seek the Oracle

There’s one in graveyard -818, -1857
and one outside church -800, -1782