For people who want to know weapon locations ****spoilers****

Ok, I wait until the right time is there. Please tag me if you post something about this, since I am not very active on this forum anymore. But I am interested to know more. I started playing Mass Effect: Andromeda. But I do visit once in a while to see if there is something other than bug reports. :rofl:

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Oh mate! That’s actually the only one in the series I have not completed. Absolutely loved the trilogy, and had one of the hardest achievements ever for me to get - I’ll have to pick your brains when the time comes to get your feedback…it was a possibility for me over xmas / new year.

Considering the scale of the work - it may need video support to cover everything - but will PM you when my heads back into it.


Thanks , huntedrepeatedly for the shot tie and the sniper with no luck. By the way run and jump onto the drivers door from the concret barrier block and that gets you onto the truck roof

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that made me sad i spent 10 minutes trying to find it today! :disappointed_relieved: nevermind i suppose I will have to work a bit harder for a five star weapon! :grin:

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I read so many things here except the one I seek…I use a 3* Auto 4 like its a sidearm & do really well with it along with my other 3* weapons & really just getting going again since the last update…has anyone seen, found, picked up a 4* AUTOMATGEVAR 4? And do NOT tell me about Muskudden cause I didn’t get nothing but ALL 3* weapons in the locked armory boxes behind those locked doors after doing the mission needed, and no I am not playing on easy…I play on medium but have gotten very good at stealth & hiding…I have read where all the other stuff is except that one…it’s like it doesn’t exist anymore. Is it only a Harvester drop or what???

Most Tier 5 weapons are not available on the game World, but you can find them in weapon crates in the Northern regions, best place to search for them are the 2 command bunkers in the North. Other than that it´s luck from Tanks and Harvester drops.


There is no known spawn point for 4* AG4, so, your only option to find one are Marshlands or North Coast and in the long, wooden weapon cases. Both command bunkers (Skvadren and Hermelinen) are great starting point, as well as Norrmyra.

As far as seeing one, yes, i’ve found several. And as for proof, well, if you recycle one, you should get Adhesive: 6, Plastic: 12 and Aluminum: 3. (Though, i haven’t checked the recycling values post-November '20 update).

And for visual proof, here’s one of my earlier loadouts, way back then.

Click here to see screenshot

4* AG4, just left from 4* .50 cal:


thanks…was starting to have a feeling after clearing out Musk as well as roaming up to Klinte as it seems the rabbit of choice is the 76, which I don’t like never have…to much recoil no matter what game you use the 47 in so only use it if no other choice. Auto 4 better punch cause it puts more on the target…I wasted a Mil Hunter with a 3* AG4 where I ended up running for cover using a 4* 76 with extended mag…guess just my preferred. So back to S Coast it is…lol lol lol…thanks

That’s a super old load out blimey can’t believe that used to be our inventory system

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The good ol’ times. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I have several screens from “back then”, which few of them i’ve also shared in the forums. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Has anyone bothered to check the wiki? I know the GZ wiki seems a bit incomplete, but it actually lists two fixed locations for a 4* AG4:
Muskudden Port Complex - Inside a locked safe in the ammo storage.
Norrmyra Artillery Base - Inside a green barracks outside the underground storage.

I can’t confirm this, though. :slight_smile:

GZ wiki is a bit unreliable and out of date but it’s better than nothing

There are no pre-placed weapons in Muskudden Port Complex. Closest pre-placed weapon is 4* HP5, in the shipping container, on the railroad, between Muskudden and RÖ.

When wiki was made, it is possible that the person himself/herself got 4* AG4 from Muskudden but from inside the long wooden crate (since those are present in the vaults). And that loc was added to wiki, without realization that weapons in long wooden crates are random.

Though, in Norrmyra, there is pre-placed AG4 but that is 3*, not 4* (at the end of Contraband side mission).

That’s what I suspected. The wiki is a mess, unfortunately.
At least there’s a 4* AI-76 in Klinte. That’s an obvious run-and-grab for new players. :slight_smile:

Interesting fact: i got my very 1st .50 cal from Muskudden and from the long wooden crate. It was also 4* version and that long before i even got to North Coast to pick it up from the pre-placed spot, at the top of the lighthouse. :smile: Also, i even wasn’t half-way through the game, since i did my regions in this order: Archipelago -> South Coast -> Mountains -> Farmlands -> Forest -> Marshlands -> North Coast.

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How on earth do you remember stuff like that ?

@Catalyst_Light We love the game so we remember the little things. My route was Archipelago > Farmlands > North Coast > Forests > South Coast > Mountains > Marshlands and I ran the 3* Kpist for most of it.

Well, i have a good memory. :relaxed:

Another shard of the past:
It took me long time before i even dared to attack FNIX tank (loved the fear machines inserted into me back then). But eventually, i did it and at Vassholmens Skytteklubb (NE from St Maria Church, Mountains region). Took me quite a bit of time to take it down and once it dropped, i got my very 1st 5* weapon out of it, which was .243 s-rifle. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Back then, .50 cal ammo was very rare and .243 was my go-to s-rifle. Date was 4th of May 2019 and i even captured the memorable moment with screenshots. :smile:

Screenshots (click here to view)

FNIX tank just outside Gun Club safehouse in Mountains region, before attacking it.

FNIX tank loot.

1st 5* weapon in my inventory, replacing 3* .243.


My first 5* was the .243 as well it was not the most useful of guns but it was mine and that’s all that mattered :joy:

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Oh that was sooooo much better…