Completing locations - All weapons

Above and beyond mate thank you.

I’ll dedicate tonight’s stream in your honour. :smiley:


Flawless mate just did it.

I did a scout of the other 2, found plenty of soldiers - none with guns. I shall keep an eye out


AliasDJA have you on Xbox by chance also a pick-up bug, at the Soviet Recon Camp, with picking up the 3rd weapon? Or haven’t you been there yet?

I found it last night, new location - 0/3 weapons.

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How many weapons did you find? Two or three?

I’ve not looked yet to be fair my friend, always bloody dark. But I shall give it a sweep next opportunity of Sunshine

Right, Ill give it a go later and report back - as you are now the leading authority on such matters - is this still bugged?

Yes, it is the same on my map. I have the collectable but the counter says otherwise. I made a Bug report about the problem around the 100% completion of locations. We will have to wait and see if they get fixed some day.

Well I have never picked it up there, so I will again report back if it now registers

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Pistol and AK so far. The third is yet to be found

There a body laying face down, hands above his head.
He has a grab icon between his hands. :point_left:

Weapon 3/3

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A stick? Are you joking? :man_shrugging:

A slight funny on my part. This is the closest I have come to finding the 3rd weapon.

I’ve an idea I plan to try tonight though ref the one with the pickup by the soldier

It’s submerged into the ground, bike twitching didn’t work solo, or multiplayer. It same principle as the HEDP Schematic.

As I can’t put videos direct - it’s in the Discord here

  • Ive also just posted regarding Averholm Manor - same situation as a year ago.
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I can’t see in that discord because they want me to give them my phone number to ID me, which I will not do. And I don’t like the discord system. Forums I like better. But can see your discord, so why don’t I need to ID with phone number there?

I’ve transitioned it over for review from the other council members. :sunglasses:

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463.686 12G Pump

On mattress below stairs

Half of the coordinates and no picture… :joy: I suppose this is one of the weapons in Markbacken?

No mate, it’s with reference to your 463.686 location in Lilla. It may be just RNG, but I got a 12G Pump. Same spot and location

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