Collectable weapon can not be picked up


A collectable weapon looking like an smg can be found close to the Savered mast, in a small lock-pickable red building. Visible on a shelf but no way to take it. Platform PC.

For people who want to know weapon locations ****spoilers****

i had that same issue, do you have a red or white canister?

place one down to stand on and you should be able to reach it. every time i tried to jump on it it moved or tipped over and had to re place it, also i tried putting it in the corner to make it easier to stand on but still couldn’t reach it that way.
the trick was to just slowly walk toward it and i went up onto the canister and was able to get it


Thanks for reporting it, and good thing it’s reachable from above :slight_smile:


i had to ask on the Discord when it happened to me


Temporal fix for this is to just try every angle around the item you can’t pick, try crouched. If that doesn’t work, get high up on something, push a chair, i even used a lamp once.


Oh thanks, I will give a try. I have vaguely thought about this possibility as usually in similar games your are able to push some objects and jump at them.

EDIT : Nope, it does not work. I put 3 red canisters, one fuel cell and one car battery. I pushed all this together, walked upon it. I was a bit higher than the shelf with the weapon. But the weapon just shows the small hand sign, but it does not highlight up at all. Definitely a bug.

Btw I discovered that the lock-pickable buildings re-spawn their loot and they stay unlocked.


i don’t know how it works so the weapon may not be in the same spot for you but just went back to get a clip of me trying to get it.

it took a while to get it right, should not be so tricky


Had a similar issue but luckily I was on with another player and I crouched down next to the shelf and he stood on my back and could grab the weapon. Otherwise, neither of us could get it no matter what we did.


nice, maybe the devs can pretend some loot is strategically place to encourage cooperation


OH GREAT, thanks for your time. I will try once more. I have tried several angles but rather coming from the left close to the door.

Edit : YES I DID IT! Just a blue Kpist, I have got already one, but I learned something useful.
And I discovered I can visit regularly all my green or red buildings to retrieve plenty of good loot. :money_mouth_face:


glad to hear it :+1:


Where exactly is this location? Scratch that found it.


Sry, I have no pc here to make a screenshot for you, just my phone.


Radio mast on the West Coast, on the end of a small peninsular…


What is odd about this weapon location is that I can collect ammo etc from boxes higher up but not the gun that is on the middle-ish shelf…


Nice tip with the gas tank, it worked to collect the weapon! :sunglasses:


Yeah, try the red or white canister trick (use it like a little stool) - that should get you in the right angle :blush: