Collectables - Dalahorse Red bug - Collectible no longer at original location (moved slightly for revamp)

I’m missing the red one. unfortunately it is not at that point…
Lernen 2356.229-1975.828

It should be there.

Video guide, Red Dala Horse at 24:00:

However, it is possible that when devs overhauled the Forest region, they forgot to put it back to it’s location.

yes exactly this place. With me everything around is destroyed. in front of the left entrance there is something inside. Everything is full of things on the shelf. And outside there is a tent and a truck. What should I do?

Well, the video was made prior to the Forest region revamp, hence why it looks different from current date.

This is peculiar. :thinking:

Not only because you are missing your Red Dala Horse but few days ago, i was in a random MP game and host was also searching for a Pink Dala Horse at Skogshult (Farmlands).
Since i know where they are, i went to the exact location and the Pink Dala Horse was not on the table, as it should be. Despite the location counter stated Collectibles: 0/1.

@Avalanche_knivspark, care to join us here and confirm if the Dala Horses are still in the game at the locations they are supposed to be?

So I just added a few pictures. Maybe it will help

Maybe it will help. I play the game on the ps5

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It was in the truck the horse.

Oh, so devs have put it into another spot? That’s interesting. :thinking:

If given that devs have relocated collectables in the revamp regions of the map, then that means guides made before the map revamp, are all obsolete. Including GZ Wiki. :thinking:

:information_source: Just had a chat with our World Designers and in some cases collectables (e.g. Gnomes, Dalahorses and Schematics) have been moved slightly for revamped locations, however, they will still be in the same overall location so they shouldn’t be far from where they initially were.


Was the competition winning DalaHast ever put into game Spark?

The wiki is community made, so I would ask you to update the information on there :slight_smile: