Community Requests Update - Patch Notes

Did the same to be honest, though it tended to be within the farmlands. One time three tanks gatecrashed the proceedings. That was fun. I got two skins out of that dance off.

Strangely enough, I got all the event skins without using radios or boomboxes. For me, reinforcements that dropped in from Harvesters or during Base Assaults had chances to drop the skins. That included machines from the spawners early in the Base Assault, and the machines that dropped in the waves while I was working on the core structure.

Bravo for the ping, and how it doubles as move and attack commands for the companion. Very nice.

Best of all, it looks like the rendering issues are fixed? At least, I’m not seeing all the issues I saw before? Able to get up on the roof of the control tower at the airfield, the chainlink fences around the base don’t blink in and out of existence, companion stations are stable, etc. Haven’t seen any of those issues, anywhere. Wonder if that is the case for everybody? I’d have to assume so, but I’ve still got some looking/asking around to do.

On the other hand, it looks like there are a few other minor inventory UI issues. The object visual models don’t seem to load in (center of the screen) when looking at stuff in the storage box, or in the recycling station’s view? Or, perhaps, the visual models are loading in…but are way off center, such that they aren’t within the view? Certain large/tall objects do seem to have some part visible, but most objects seem to be “off screen.”

Haven’t seen those issues with the menu sections where the player character(s) are displayed—appearance section, team section, challenges section, etc. Also not seen those issues again with the vehicle station, sewing table, or while looting clothing items from loot containers or enemies.

I think I’ve had one crash, total, over the past few days. So, looks like things have improved on that front, at least for me on the old XB1. Had no issues getting through a few base assaults, though that might not be conclusive…someone else has said they’ve had issues doing several in a row, so could be I didn’t do enough for issues to crop up again.

Haven’t tried the vehicles, yet, to see if things on that front have improved for me. I’ll get around to that, at some point.

On the subject of the ease with which others seem to be finding skins I am having the opposite problem. I collected the BEPP COLA skin at the first attempt and failed to collect any more despite using btwn 100-150 radios. I have tried different machines and areas but nothing is given. Is there some kind of trick?
Also on skins, is there any way of checking which ones you have or have not obtained? It would be far better if a skin was retained by the weapon when put into plundra, It is a pain having to reapply it every time.

i just find as many runners I can, I even get the skins repeatedly in multiplayer even though I already have them, :sob: I wouldn’t go after big robots if your just gonna after these boombox radio skins, the drop rate doesn’t seem to be any better just because there bigger robots, :person_cartwheeling: just walk up and down Aplegigo region like Rambo on the runners

check your ag4, ag5, kpist, m49, PVG-90 :face_with_monocle: maybe you already got them, and if not, then make sure before EVER runner kill, throw a radio

I think it’s possible if the HOST of the game has them already :thinking: they might not show up for you :face_with_monocle: i already had whiplash from My own map, HOWEVER, playing in this persons map & throwing radios everywhere during this base assuault mission, at least 10 whiplash out of all this, anyway try playing your own map, just a thought, I don’t know,

I am very pleased I no longer have to choose which dlc items I can cache. Instead of using the companion for plundra overflow, I can finally bring items to use. Best QoL improvement IMHO

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I disagree, but that’s just my personal opinion.
In my eyes it’s a lazy method to make lazy players stay calm. With almost no cost and no effort you now get enough space that you will never have to watch your loot and manage your space. In my eyes that’s one of the initial/original pillars of the game that now got lost.

Yes, compared to the initial version the game now offers a lot more stuff and I can’t say that the first storage expansions weren’t appreciated, but the problem is a different one.

The devs should have provided the DLCs in a different way. I once made suggestions for that… With a seperate DLC box where you get your initial DLC loadout (instead of directly to the plundra). And with each new DLC they could have added a new level of storage expansion (50kg per DLC?) that could have been unlocked.

So as a player with 5 DLC you would have gotten 250kg extra space. As a player without any DLC you would still have the initial space.

  1. One more reason to buy a DLC
  2. You just get the possibility for the expansion if you get a reason for it.

I can live with it, but I don’t have to like it.
And the ones who wanted more space will cry for even more in just a few months again. And if not for the plundra, then for the characters or the companion.
A classic catch-22.

Indeed, i can finally use all the extra DLC gadgets i bought , now I have enough space for them!

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Okay i love all this, but we really need a good way to farm concrete!! My base and weapons demand it!

Not sure, but I believe that Carni said that they’re looking for a way to provide more concrete like they did with wood.

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Some very specific industrial areas?
They could put them with constant heavy machine respawns, it would make things interesting and it would make sense, Fnix needs resources too.
At least if i was a dev i would do that, and it would be cheap

"insert resource in heavy industrial area (there are only some in the game) + insert heavy machine presence + create A.I guard route and behaviour+ check for bugs and the rest.

Instead of creating ciment trucks, new areas, new assets or implement new missions (which would also be an easier and boring way, just magic resource rewards).


Yea, makes sense. but both ways would be ideal

Bigger BackPack Please lol

You need to spezialise your playstyle. 3 weapons max. some gadgets (grenades, mines, etc.) They acting like some pokemon hoarders.

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That’s an “issue” caused by the weapon wheel mostly.
Before we had the wheel, the playstyles were more specialized.

Now you can easily switch between up to 8 weapons during a combat.

That’s the risk of just wanting more for everything.
Getting more causes wanting even more or more of others.

I once made a suggestion for an improvement of the wheel.

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Yea, and to add immersion maybe add backpack cosmetics like civilian and military backpacks!

Standard backpacks would be great at first.
Imagine how many would party with the introduction of backpacks.

Then we could have different sizes and colours.

Then we could have backpacks with additional features (there is a topic with suggestions for that) and even experimental backpacks.

And finally we could have different DLC backpack packs.

Although you usually will never see your own backpack (except while driving or doing an emote) it would be one of the best additions to the game in my opinion.

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there’s not a single game I’m aware of that gets the Backpack/Storage system perfectly, :smile: you would think by now video games would have the perfect system in place by now, Ghost Recon Wildlands, Far Cry New Dawn, Dying Light, :weary: all have un-oganized sloppy Backpack/Storage mechanics, Video Game Company’s need 2 nip this in the butt & get the Backpack/Storage mechanics perfected by now, its 2024, let’s perfect it already folks

I mean SCUM has the working correcrly. The backpack looks fuller the more stuffs in it