Companion is our new bff!

Our beloved doggo is the most epic update we’ve ever gotten to GZ (in my opinion) it’s just so darn cute! I’m rocking the Astrid voice and I’m telling y’all, it really feels like we’re in a movie or something. It’s just so darn immersive!

With this update GZ is getting close to feel like a AAA game right now!


Hmmm? Seems it is very easy to destroy and it is targeted to easy. It doesn’t try to hide or anything. Guessing it is going to take a little time to learn when it can be most useful. Mine has a rocket launcher and it doesn’t do much damage to most machines we encountered. But it did mark a few of the machines. The Medic pet seems to want to 100% health anytime you get near it.

Like with the medical trailer… But the trailer doesn’t follow you.
There should be a configuration option of the medic behaviour module like “heal, if player is below xx HP”. Otherwise it’s a health-kit-grave.

I’m excited to test it by myself this evening.

It seems to be another play thing in the game. It will follow you but I attacked a base, pet stood there and did not follow me to much and only heard it fire a rocket once. I attacked a pair of tanks and wasn’t much help other than the tanks were more focused on the pet and not much on me, but that didn’t last long, the pet was mowed down quickly. Repaired it and next volley of rockets the pet was destroyed again. It starts with 5 repair kits and I gave it a few extra. I can see it’s inventory storage to be a little helpful at carrying an extra 32 weight units of supplies. But you have to be outside of battle to interact with the pet.

Get in a battle and after the battle, loot to much, then deploy the pet. Move all extra weight to pet and fast travel to safe house to dump the extra loot. Easy to haul extra weight with the pet.
I can see this useful to set up a strong attack with the remote weapons being on board the pet. Would be nice to click on where to deploy remote turrets and the pet scatters them out for you.

Also see using pet as a decoy when firing first shot and then hiding leaving the pet in plain sight for the machines to attack while you take cover and escape detection.

Not sure how it loots machines yet but it says it will some how. I didn’t have much time to play this morning. Interesting add on though. I am happy I bought the DLC if nothing more than to support more development of the game.

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I have what I hope is a question with a simple answer. I have my companion up and running and it seems to do all the things its supost too.
The question is how do you communicate with it ?
There seems to be no instructions that address this. I have mine setup as a medic but How do you call it if you hurt or dead for that matter. How do you call it to come back to you when its roming around. Simple things if I knew how to communicate with the darn thing… Thanks in advance…

How do we let it do a trick?

There are 3 new entries in the Emogis. Play dead, turn around, give it a pat on the head…

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Ok. I do not get how to use emote on ps5. I got them on round menu but now i am lost

Trick not working on ps5

This looks nice , customisation and your own pet !