Companion station locations (spoiler)

I like to gather all the companion Station locations. The ones on the map at Safe houses are given.

But I can imagine that some are on other locations where we can’t fast travel to. Maybe it is just the one where the mission ends. But if you find such a location, please note the coords and post it here if you like to contribute. :vulcan_salute:

34 Companion stations

33 In Safehouses

  1. Salthamn Shelter (A) => in hallway towards the exit
  2. Stenhaga Farm (A)
  3. Asotugan Outpost (FL)
  4. F23 Överby Air Base (FL)
  5. Stora Dyrbo (FL)
  6. Broskulla (FL)
  7. Boo Bruk AB (FL)
  8. Sorken Command Bunker (FL)
  9. Ånnagruvan (FL)
  10. Helgaryd (F)
  11. Hiker’s Barrack (F)
  12. Granhygget (F)
  13. Lennarts Marin (F)
  14. IGA (F)
  15. Kaptenvillan (F)
  16. Torsberga Fort => directly outside (SC)
  17. Fiskeback (SC)
  18. Lannbacka (SC)
  19. Minken Command Bunker (SC)
  20. Knaperanna Farm (SC)
  21. Angerås Church (SC)
  22. Uttern Command Bunker (M)
  23. Narkudden (M)
  24. Muskudden Port Complex (M)
  25. Anl 118 Farela (ML)
  26. Nilssons Marinbygg AB (ML)
  27. Skvadern Command Bunker (ML)
  28. Aspenas (ML)
  29. Hermalinen Command Bunker (NC)
  30. Kalkbrottet (NC)
  31. Bjorntunate Hotel (HI)
  32. Tarnboda Skans (HI)
  33. Ronnhalla Emergency Shelter (HI)

Himsundsbryggan (HI) <= Map shows Companion Station but should have no Companion Station icon, because ther is no Station there. Caused by double name bug -Need fix

1 In Non-Safehouse location

  1. Vapenkussan at 1380, 3900 (A) Near Vesslan

Edit: Since this location is on Vesslan Command bunker grounds, it might be that a Companion Station icon is accidentally omitted from list of Stations at Vesslan.