Two locations showing double stations

Hi Team,

Minor issue here.

I have found two Locations on the map very close to each other, (which might be the cause of this) both showing double stations. See the pictures below.

Lennarts Marin AB


At Lennarts Marin AB there are 3 stations; Vehicle, Storage, Companion.
At Lennarts Marin AB there are 2 stations; Vehicle, Storage.
There is no Companion station at Himsundsbryggan and I feel that is intended.

I seems they are both overlapping each other, or both also seeing the stations on the other side.
No two other two location are as close together as these two.

Sometimes I had the situation that if I selected for example a location just with vehicle station and storage, exactly this was show at any other location (not just safehouses) afterwards.

The text burned on to your retina. :crazy_face: