Always wanted to make your own NPC? Check this out; Design your own NPC and have a chance to win a Tactical Equipment DLC Steam key!

Let’s see how creative you can get! Share your wildest, most mean (or maybe nice), scary, or flamboyant NPC creation, complete with biography, skills, and all here in this thread and the GZ team will vote for their 5 favorites. Please only share one NPC each. Winners are announced live on Stream on the 20th!


Code Name: Pheonix, which is a mocking of FNIX. (Real name unknown)
Age: 23
Occupation: Looting/Gathering
Special Move: Pheonix is a very talented programmer and has rewritten the base-code of a FNIX Class Runner to keep it as a pet companion.
History: though we do not know alot about his background, Pheonix seems to always have had a soft spot for technology, with his knowladge of robots and AI he has reprogrammed a FNIX Runner who he loots towns and battlesites with. he can sometimes be seen leaving his signiature mark (a read resistance symbol) around places he has looted.
Description: Pheonix will sport mostly black clothing with some machine parts (FNIX Class) and mostly uses the Heavy Resistance Bow to sneakily take out any machines inbetween him and his loot.


PS: if i do happen to win one of the steam key’s, i will start a new playthrough of the game to be able to experience the new NPC’s added, which so far i have not seen yet

Feels like this competition came at a fantastic time, I’d just finished this doodle a few days ago! I look forward to seeing everyone’s submissions.

Introducing Henrike Ulvsson! She used to be a waitress, but now she’s a marksman with an S21 and a heroic streak. She wears a jacket and trousers augmented with FNIX armor pieces. Her special move is the Hunter Rodeo, where she climbs on to the back of a Hunter in a pack and uses sticky flares to keep it shooting at its robotic allies. In theory. She hasn’t actually done it yet.

(I couldn’t find out the Generation Zero font so I used Impact, I hope it’s not too strange.)


I want my radioactive green, wrongly taxidermied fox avatar to run around ingame.

Seriously though, good luck everyone! :+1:


Name: Johan Karlsson
Age: 35

(Pre Incident) Combat Engineer of the Försvarsmakten (Post Incident) Guerilla Fighter

Special Move:
Makeshifting barricades and utilities to help with point defense albeit for defending a base or to defend a control point of interest of both or more parties. Utilizing extensive military training for coordinating operations, mainly on the defensive side or for sapping FNIX defenses.

Johan joined the Försvarsmakten when he was age 22 right after graduating with a degree of mechanical engineering from a local college. Since then he’s involved in the engineering team for The Defense Force and has created various projects that might’ve involve some automation, he could’ve even be involved with projects inside FOA. Ever since FNIX has their uprising, Johan is left displaced from his squad and HQ as they were on a routine training during that time. Leaving no choice but to fight, Johan applied his knowledge of engineering to help his survival involving traps, defensive points and try to understand the robots he was familiar with.


Ichi, 30 years old. Working as a beta tester and moderator for different game studios. Loves everything dark and black and she is a total bad ass. Special move - resting “witch face”. Ichi spent most of her time moving around with her family, which made her weary about making new friends because she knew they would have to move again soon. As she grew older, her mom fell in love and re-married someone living in Sweden. Ichi came with her, from Norway, not knowing that there would be no return. Not as of yet. Maybe not ever? Time would tell… Consumed by a very dark view of how mad the world was, she let herself into the darkness and she got taken over by the robots. For the first time - there was a robotic humanoid. They experimented on her, tore one of her arms a part, and one of her eyes. They replaced it with a robotic arm with weapons and it had grenades on it, 50 kcal shots, and flamethrowers. They inplanted a device for her missing eye to replace it and she could shoot lazers out of it. She also smokes tobacco. Like a lot of it. But which side is she actually on? - Humans of course! Ichi turns against the robots, travels to Himfjall to find survivors and takes shelter there. She meets up with Pontus, Larz, Carni, Mirrin, Trance and Major and together they make a pretty bad ass team against the robots!


Name: Emma Skevrisk
Age: 24
Occupation: Hunter / Medic
Special Skill: Emma can use her rifle to deal extra damage to heavy armor while keeping some valuable components in good condition
Equipment: 9mm SMG, Silenced 9mm Pistol and her trusty Hunting rifle
Looks: Long brown hair, blue eyes usually wearing green camo pants and a black vest with a camo backpack, she also wears ski goggles from time to time


Gustaf Carlsson, 43 years old
Pre incident - High ranking officer in the Swedish army
Post incident - Hunter

Gustaf Carlsson is a rather confused man that can be found next to their wrecked car by the roadside,
which has been crashed into the rear of another. His hair is thin and he’s wearing glasses. In front of the other car lies bicycle.
The impact seems to have affected Gustav and his state of mind, as he keeps rambling about being in a hurry to a very important event where the Queen will be present.
He tells the Player that he was going to pick up a medal to be handed out at this event,
but is unfortunately not able to do so now. The Player is asked to retrieve the medal for Gustaf as a quest. Upon returning the medal, Gustaf is very grateful and the Player is rewarded for their efforts with a Carl Gustaf recoilless rifle.

I’ll leave it up for you devs if Gustaf will be available as an NPC
at Mullvadsberget or something similar, possibly as a trader (which
would be a nice addition to the game).
Hope you enjoyed it, I’m pretty sure you can figure out what this is referring to! =)


[Name] Edward Jackson
[Age] 40
[Occupation pre-Incident AI researcher] [Post-Incident Resistance fighter/AI researcher]
[Special move] can hack hunters/runners due to his history with AI coding in the past.
[History] First came to Sweden before the Incident on military matters with AI development and research into AI in military use. The united states military wanted him to assist the development of AI for allied hands against Russia or any other dangers in the future should the need arise. Before the Incident that stranded Edward in Sweden on the day FNIX came online. He came to Himfjall afterward for safety from the machines hunting for him. Now stays as a support on the sidelines on for a way to stop FNIX from spreading to the rest of the earth.


Name: Sigge Gipskatt

Age: 19

Occupation: Worked as a warehouse operative at the IGA. Now hides in the south edge, hoping to salvage components from machines from the nearby beacon.

Special Move: Acts as a scavenger across Osterton. Can be found every hour at the IGA with materials he has collected.

History: Went to school with Freddie, they were both working on a way to detect the machines. Sigge continues his efforts to support the Resistance.


Name: Yui (Nickname: The Lone huntress or Blackbird by the survivors)
Age: 25
Occupation: Former - Athlete Shooter
Current - Robot Hunter/Survivalist

Special move: Sniper support with explosive rounds, Improvised explosive traps, Granatgevär m/49 with EMP round

-Not much is known about Yui as she prefers being anonymous and not standing out in public, only known information about her is that she is from Japan that settled in Sweden 3 years before the Invasion.

-Yui once had a band of survivors who she was very close with after living in Sweden 3 years before the attack, weeks after the invasion they were nearly killed during their first encounter with the HUNTERS inflicting heavy casualties, months afterwards during a scavenging run, they encountered a Military Class TANK that immediately fired upon them after being exposed by a Seeker that somehow detected their location, leaving her to be the last survivor from a rocket barrage when they took shelter. after pulling herself together she tries to regroup with Alpha only to find their hideout to be recently raided by bandits. Due to her fear of putting people in danger that will share the same fate as her friends she chose to go alone as “it will make things easier for me to fight” and on a quest to find “Harry Hedman” who she often calls him by his Callsign “Ghost Alpha” or “Big Brother” that recently retire from Military service days before the invasion as she sees him as an elder sibling that she looks up to.

Yui wears anything thats black and a hoodie long as it blends in with the dark.

Torn Cargo pants (For extra pockets whether explosives or Magazine or small equipments to fit the pocket),

-Black Skirt (punk skirts for instance)
-Torn jeans
-Black Sneakers

Yui uses an Experimental Pansarvärnsgevär 90 for long range engagements and hunting big targets, AK 47 as her main gun, and MP7 as a sidearm for CQC engagements.

For heavy targets she will use the Granatgevär m/49 only when necessary (due to ammo scarce)


One important question:

Will the winner be seen in Generation Zero?

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Given the history of the DalaHast comp…no


This is Kralle.

His age 21

His real Name: Calle Blomqvist.


He slept through the outbreak of the robot crisis stinki drunk in a shed at Lennarts Marin.
With some Honk from the military and some aunt named Anita Sjögren who had a couple of Spackos in tow, he drove over to Hjimfäll.
After he had found a rusty KVM 59 in one of the readiness camps he started to beat up the robots because they made stress all the time.
Because he is an asshole and anarchist by nature, he was kicked out of Ljuset commune a few days later.
He had drunk their entire beer supply and pissed totaly drunk on the wall of their meeting hall.

At the moment he hangs around somewhere in the farmland and can be found wherever there’s beer, cigarettes and stress with the robots. Because in his opinion the world is fucked anyway he has declared

“No Future” as his motto.

His music “The Sex Pistols”, his favorite song
Sex Pistols - God Save the Queen - YouTube .

His special feature: Turning full beer bottles into empty ones.
The world is fucked anyway.


Name: Lasse Reden
Age: 19
Occupation: Musician
Special move: Guitar riff of death
The child of Swedish Jarla Hansen and German Thomas Reden, he grew up mostly in Buxtehude/Germany, where he played in a thrash metal band. His mother sent him to Östertörn regularly from the age of 10 so that he could finally learn Swedish. He still can’t speak it properly.

At the time of the blackout, he was at the Himfjäll festival with his band Bloody Deathclaw. As he was drinking a lot of beer during the performance and afterwards, he completely missed the incident in the caravan and woke up on an empty festival site.


Code Name: Healer(Real name: Jack Davidson)
Age: 26
Occupation: Scientist(making disease cures)
Special move: Medic(he will travel with you and heal you mid battle you give him an assortment of med kits and when you hit a point of health were one of the medkits will heal you to full hell use it and you have wont have to worry about healing as much)
History: Before the war with the machines started he was on vacation in Sweden but now he is trapped
and is willing to help if it means there’s a way home he wanders the lands of Sweden (you’ll be able to find him looting towns and with the alpine unrest dlc you’ll be able to find him trading with elsa and them at the Bjorntunet hotel )

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N: Frans “Nocturn”

A: 36

O: American Chemical Engineer and HAZMAT expert

SM: Acid Rocket - Reverse-engineered Apocalypse bot chemicals. Scarcely used but utterly devastating, these rockets have been packed with a highly potent acid derived from the chemical carried by the Apocalyse class robots that roam the land. This volatile mixture has been observed used against various robots across Ostertorn

H: Frans was on holiday, visiting with his close family on Himfjall when the robots attacked. He took up arms with the locals for a short time before retreating to a small coastal bunker on the southwestern shore. This bunker which was owned by his Swedish relatives was unknown to the general public, and Frans, who was always somewhat of a hermit, kept the place to himself. His family was off of Ostertorn at the time of the attacks and he suspects they managed to dodge the conflict, hoping they survived is what keeps him going. After experiencing firsthand what the Apocalypse bots were capable of doing to people, Frans did some close examination of the chemicals and found a way he could use them against the robots. After some time and a fair amount of burned skin later, Frans had himself a perfect storm. The compound was capable of degrading the metal of the robots and weakening them to other forms of attack; which in connection with some high explosives was capable of downing an FNIX class hunter in two well-placed rockets. In most cases, all it took was one and a few shots from an AG-4. Frans spent his time perfecting this chemical, but it was a lengthy process and required constant samples from Apocalypse class robots and a nearly unending supply of fuel (Gas/accelerant whatever). The operations were risky, but he never wanted any help, and after witnessing a few human/human warfare occurrences he ultimately decided to keep to himself.
Locals of Himfjall refer to him as Nocturn and tales of his heroics spread across Ostertorn. He used his weapon in various cases, including in multiple cases of assisting resistance fighters hand in hand. He never spoke and was always on the move. Returning to his bunker during the day to sleep and produce more of the acid. But after some time and declining health due to the effects of the acid, Frans doesn’t go out as much anymore, but his legend lives on.

The player can find of his existence through dialogue with certain NPC’s, or by locating any of the mangled robots in random key locations across the map, prompting a new quest line to locate him. (NPC’s will always say they only saw him at night)
If the player has the Himfjall island DLC - upon locating the bunker during the day will be prompted to assist Frans in clearing out a group of Apocalypse class bots that have begun attacking the bunker. Upon clearing the robots will be granted bunker access and dialogue with Frans who will offer to produce the acid rockets in exchange for the materials and medkits. Here Frans will not be wearing his full attire but rather a simple jacket with folded-up sleeves presenting the acid-damaged skin on his face and arms. Here there will also be more dialogue into his condition and backstory. If the player found Frans before finding the bunker there will be extra dialogue (“Oh, it’s you again…” so on so forth)
If the Player does not have the Himfjall DLC - The player may locate Frans somewhere in the forest region the location would have acid mangled robots scattered around the area and signs of human life. Frans will not be there during the day. Finding it will also prompt the player to return during the night in order to assist Frans in clearing some robots attacking him. Then giving the player the option to bring him materials and medkits in exchange for the rockets.


Name: Markus Mayweather
Age: 25
Occupation: (Pre incident) American Spy, (Post incident) Gathering info on FNIX for the resistance and stealthily taking out FNIX robots.
Special move(s): Increased stealth, Perfect lock picking, and increased accuracy and damage when using silence weapons (Varys from the tier of silencer and weapon).
History: Markus used to serve as a spy for the US military. As soon as the US got wind of Sweden working on a secret project involving war machines they sent in some spy’s. After an ambush of hunters (The bots) all of the other spy‘s except for Markus died. He carriers the blame for the death of his friends feeling like he could‘ve done something against it. He carriers scars of the ambush with him till this day.


Name: Frija Tindra Lindgrensen

Age: almost 66

Occupation: Outdoor Nature Guide

Special move: Crawling through enemy lines without them knowing what hit them.

History: Moved from Trollhättan to Hagaboda. Got married and had three children
A son Hölger and twin daughters Änna and Perla. Got widowed when she lost her husband Hagar to the unforgiving Mount Everest in 1953. Those were hard times. Taking care of the little ones on her own made her resourceful and tough. A force to reckon with.
In 1965, she won first price ‘Target Shooting’ at Vassholmens Skytteklubb. Marksman difficulty. Now, it’s 1989, she is still strong and fit and joined Elsa’s group called “The Resistance” as recon ghost, silent but deadly!