COMPETITON: Design A Generation Zero "Dalahäst" - Winning Submission to be Added to the Game!


Hi all,

some of you with should be familiar by now with finding the “Dalahorse/Dalahäst” collectables on your travels through the world of Generation Zero, now it’s time to design one!

Your task is to use the template below to design your very own version of a Generation Zero Dalahorse collectable. You can create your entry digitally, or you can print the design out and work with pens/pencils/crayons/spraypaint, it’s up to you.

Prizes you ask? The top 3 designs as chosen by us will each WIN A REAL GENERATION ZERO DALAHORSE, actually made in the birthplace of this iconic Swedish decoration, Dalarna!

in ADDITION to the Dalahorse our first place winner will have the option to (if they so wish) have their design IMMORTALISED IN-GAME as a new collectable item. This is a unique opportunity to make your mark on the world of Generation Zero!

Note: Due to the technicalities of game development we cannot promise to represent 100% the winning design as submitted, but will do as close to your original entry as is possible. The winning entry will need to provide written consent for us to use your entry in the game (this will be discussed further with the winner). Judging of winners is undertaken by Avalanche Studios and our decision remains final.

See below for the design template, please fill it in and submit as a reply to this thread or our accompanying Twitter, Facebook, and Discord threads. One entry per person. Closing date/time for submissions is 12:00 CEST September 20th 2019.

(Click the image then choose “Download” to save it for local editing or printing)


This is AWESOME! Challenge accepted :+1:


Good luck everyone! :slight_smile:


“A Dala horse from the west coast of Skåne. It has a jolly spirit but is slightly radioactive. It grew up with a wonderful view to the Danish capital Copenhagen only 20 km away.”

Okay, you can skip the last sentence above. We are forever (at least 10.000 years) grateful that you wonderful Swedes never let one of the Barseback nuclear plant reactor cores melt down. Love from Denmark :hugs: :kissing_heart: :denmark:



ABBA :laughing::sweden::ok_hand:


My mspaint skills suck… But… I’ll give it a shot just to get something free.

Thanks for the competition AND the game!



“Mysteriously, the Stridshäst 90 (Battle Horse 90) never got farther than the drawing board. This fast machine was meant to be a bigger-sized version of the Runner, with numerous improvements to speed, detection and weaponry.”



With his gegier counter with him this brave survivor scavange trough the polluted areas surrounding the wasteland. there is more to know unfortunately because he isnt really alone…



“A Dala horse with a different ethnic origin than Swedish”.


The “Lille Gubben” Dala horse. A Knapstrupper (Danish horse) being the best friend of a very strong, little Swedish girl with freckels and red hair in funny braids.


Okay, Danish TV just started the 21th season of “Denmark can dance” - probably the most imbecile show ever made - and my wife insist on watching it. But it will be over in a minute, so no more horsing from me tonight. Now I have the remote :smiley:


Mine is not a picture, but an idea, however.
Seeing the machines are powered. I see a blue-greenish glowing/puslating one…
The glow represents the machines, and oddly, US humans, as we are electrically and magnetically charged as well.
Stands for the duality of machine and “man-power”.
Blue-Green marble of material.


I submit Samson (ignore me lol)


This is the galaxy dalahorse


Obviously could be done better (I don’t have a good photo edit option on my device) but it basically would be an Easter egg to thehunter with it being a special fur type ‘deer’ look



"Ragnarök skall komma till Midgård i form utav bestar av metall. Som en vildeld skall de svepa över hela Midgård och endast lämna död och förstörelse efter sig. "

“Ragnarok shall come to Midgard in the form of metal beasts. Like wildfire they shall sweep across Midgard and in their wake only leave death and destruction.”


“Dala horse from Lönneberga. Carved in wood by a young prankster in Snickerboa”


Out of the ones currently posted (besides mine, which I obviously want to win) yours is the best Xzer [Stridshäst 90 (Battle Horse 90)]!


Yes, after all this machine mess has been cleaned up, and some kind of normality is re-establish in Sweden, this horse would be a hit at the souvenir shops. It would be kind of self-referencing to have it in the game though. So I believe I have a far better idea for the use of @Xezr’s horse: let it be the official mascot of GZ! Comoditise it as you could buy a rag doll head-crap from Half-life. I for one would purchase it and have it on my desk in my office!