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When Alpine Unrest launched, the police uniform only dropped from APOC class enemies on the mainland, I’m not sure if the same applies to the shirt & tie. (Or even if that restriction still applies)


O, Only on the mainland? That new information for me, That’s why I can’t seem to find any. Not that I looking. Any specific places where the chance of encountering a Apoc class on the mainland is good, that you know of?

Only the community can tell, if they are observant and talk about it.


When Alpine Unrest released there was an outfit that could only be got by farming APOC enemies on Himfjäll; Resistance Set maybe? I’m certain that the Police Set mirrored that same requirement, but only on the mainland.


While you are in forum town, Alias mentioned:

Can you tell more about what that idea was?


Umm. No idea. Not sure which post Alias is referring to. I’ll have a look see.


It’s with reference to the real world counterpart


The spawn locations have all changed since I last played with any regularity, plus I’m (mainly) on Xbox so you’ll be on a different version to me.

Off the top of my head, Rusksele used to be a regular location for an APOC tank, the field to the NE of the barn you spawn in.

Same with F23 Överby Air Base and Lövnäs (follow the road from the house to get to a cross road).

Lilla Hammarnäs used to have an APOC Hunter spawn to the west near the woods.

Stora Dyrbo, head NE and around there you used to be able to get APOC Harvesters. Persuade them to call in support and you can farm plenty of APOC Hunters as well as the Harvesters.

Again, I’m not sure if these still work on either the current XB build or the PC/PS4 versions. I spend more time on the forum than in-game these days.

I’m sure if we nudge @Aesyle she can provide more accurate, up to date, locations of APOC class enemies on the mainland than me.


I’m sure I will find one on the mainland if I go look, but the chance of indeed finding police apparel, in that one, is slim, to say the least.

Let’s wake her up nice and gentle like, with a cup of tea.


Just woke up and i’m enjoying my morning tea. :relaxed:

So, i see several points where my assistance is needed. Here goes:

Since these doesn’t belong any of the sets, most likely cause is that they were released as regular apparel items. But that makes them strange because since launch, any additional apparel items devs have released, either part of the event or new content - all have been part of the set. But not this individual item. Sadly, i can not recall at which point this “Shirt with tie” made it’s appearance in the game and what, if any, requirements there are for it’s drop.

I went over my GZ screenshots and i managed to find a screenshot of it being in the loot pool. Most likely it was the very 1st time i came across of it. (I happen to screenshot anomalies. :grin: )
Screenshot was taken 24th Dec '19, putting their release on the same time as Fancy set (Christmas '19 event).


Himfjäll - Apo - Resistance set
Östertörn - Apo - Police set

With this, things are iffy. Latest update didn’t do much in terms of spreading the machines around. Instead, most machines are standing still in “hotspots”, all huddled together. Once player aggros them, only then they start moving and if combat ends (e.g player runs away), then machines go and walk their patrol route.

Some spots of Apo machines i’ve seen:

  • South Coast - East of Kalleby, on the main road.
    Apo harv and Apo tank can spawn there.
  • Forest - NW of Granhygget.
    Apo harv can spawn there.
  • Forest - Österviks Hamn (South of Öservik church safehouse).
    Apo hunter usually walks around there.
  • North Coast - NW-North-NE of St. Anna Church.
    On that road, Apo tank can spawn, walking up and down along the road.

There are more but i can’t recall more ATM (just woke up). :slight_smile:


I found a few Apoc class machines in NC, but no police uniform apparel … I will try some more in other regions. I corrected the info in the List for the police apparel.


Police set is THE rarest drop in the game.

Another deep-dive into my screenshots and:
(from Apo hunter)


What up with this screenshot, no face, is this the way it was once? It looks great.

Rarest… you say. Are there any more that are considered rare in normal game, so no special event ones.

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Isn’t it so at current date? :thinking: Where apparel items are shown on a dummy while in the loot pool?

Few other example screenshots

New inventory system gives better/bigger view, but the dummy has been since launch. E.g old inventory loot pool preview:

Well, if you look the forums, for some, the Eye Patch and it’s Pirate version is very elusive, topic: Eye patch location

Then again, people search Eye Patch for the achievement. Though, to me, Eye Patch has normal drop rate. But to me, Police set is rarest. I’ve only found 2 out of 3 hats and 0 jackets.


Well, I am beginning to show my age here. :woozy_face: Because to me the screenshot looked new and fresh, but now I know I must have seen it sometime. I just went back in the game and found some clothing in a machine, but they were Mil. pants. So i need to find apparel for top body to see the ‘no face’. I guess the avoiding fights has a down side for my memory.

I’ll add the rare drop info to ‘Police set’ into the List.


Does anyone have any cities that are prime for clothing loot, I am lvl 16 and is looking for more wrist options. :sweden:

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Since apparel drops are totally random, there is no way to predict where apparel will drop.

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Well, any POI that has more than average amount of loot bags (backbag), since in those, apparel items spawn. Best would be Björntunet Hotel, in Himfjäll, especially when you have access to all of the rooms. But what you get from those, if you get any, is random, as Gysbert said.

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There is also The Tubular Vanity Pack that has wrist apparel in the Workout Set. If you don’t have that already.

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Blockbuster Vanity Pack DLC is also for free: Generation Zero® - Blockbuster Vanity Pack on Steam

Only Schweet Vanity Pack DLC costs a bit: Generation Zero® - Schweet Vanity Pack on Steam

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