Completely BLACK screen, not the pixel part

I went to the barn and all sudden, the game frozen on me which I never experienced it before. The game eventually crashed and sent back to Xbox Home Dashboard. I start up the game, load up my Player 1. Guess what happen next?

It went black screen completely. Nothing on the screen, no HUD display, compass, health and heart meter, or aim display. I couldn’t do anything. I couldn’t even pull up map or press start to quit. So I had to dash back to home and try it again. Still same result. No way to fix it.

I’m screwed big time and pretty upset.

Turn out it’s Antarctic Jacket that I wore. It’s a common issue for everyone for all platforms, Xbox, PS4, and PC.

Do not wear that specific jacket otherwise you will end up seeing a black screen after you load your character up. Only way to fix it is join someone’s host to change it. Give you a head up, guys!