Concept: New Weapons

Literally copied from my post on the fandom:
Government M1911 (Pistol)

“regering 1911”

Mag size: 7

Firerate: Semi-Auto

Ammo: (New) .45 ACP


  • High damage
  • Common ammo


  • Small magazine
  • No opportunity for extended mags.

Desert Eagle .50 model (Pistol)

“Öken örn .50”

Mag size: 8

Firerate: Semi-Auto

Ammo: (NEW) .50 AE FMJ / HP


  • Extremely high damage
  • Compatible with Öken örn 1.5x sight


  • Very high recoil
  • Only holds 8 bullets

SPAS-12 (Shotgun)

“Sport hagelgevär 12”

Mag size: 9

Firerate: Semi-Auto

Ammo: shells


  • High damage
  • Fastest fire rate
  • Holds 9 shells


  • Highest recoil of all shotguns
  • Slow reload

.30 Carbine (Rifle)

“.30 karbin”

Mag size: 15 (Up to 30)

Firerate: Full-Auto, Semi-Auto (450 RPM - 7-8 bullets/second)

Ammo: (new) .30 Soft Point / FMJ


  • High mag size
  • Decent damage


  • High falloff
  • Almost useless for armor removal

MG-42 (LMG)


Mag size: 50 (up to 300)

Firerate: Full Auto (1200 Rounds/min - 20 bullets/second)

Ammo: 7.62mm


  • Fastest firerate
  • Massive DPS
  • Shreds armour


  • Recoil is hard to control unless prone
  • Small mag size for firerate (50 default, up to 300)
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See n9 handgun its as if the de and 1911 had a 9mm baby

The spas while i would love it would be a nope because of well the realitys of the real world version it just would not fit as a possible find its far too rare under the conditions. It be all like “where did you get a spas”

Mg-42 see n60 mg

Aa for the 30 karbin i would love to see that. It be better on .270s though

Well i think we have enough weapons in the game


With an option to loose your gear on death, it would be ok to have some more weapons that fit in.

You can find so many weapons in so many qualities, but at last you just use the best you got. And you can get them long before you finish the story. Anything else is just for fun and that’s sad in some way.

If you would be forced in some way to use everything you get (weapon got damaged or lost due to death) it would make more sense to get as many weapons.

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I’m afraid I disagree. The n9 is what appears to be based off a berreta 9mm. This is a distinct weapon, and handles entirely differently than either a deagle or a 1911. Not to mention mag capacity and power. Now, the n9 certainly isn’t a pocket pistol, but the 1911 and deagle are not at all similar to it. Even the calibers are different. They look slightly similar, but that’s about where it ends. That said, I personally think that they would be great additions to the game.

On a side note, if the 1911 has 7 rounds with no extended mag, then I don’t think it makes much sense for the deagle to get 8 rounds, since they are so much bigger.

You have handled some really badly made or castrated 1911s
Its a 14x45 meaning 14 in the mag standard and 45 cal.
A dessert eagle is a 7x50

Also i really really do not i repeat do not want to see a dessert eagle in this game. They are a target pistol not a combat pistol they are great at the range but you start putting moving targets and “combat stress” in the mix the dessert eagle becomes one of the worst guns. They are limited to 7 rounds because of the design of the magwell they can only take single stack to get a double in there you need to modify the original design and make sacrifices. They are amazing guns for what they were designed for. But they were not designed for combat use. They were designed for competition shooting.

The 1911 on the other hand was designed for combat use with its default double stack mag holding 14 rounds

A Beretta is a single stack default but you can easily get a double stack in there.

The N9 holds 15. While yes it cosmeticly looks like a Beretta it does not compaire in behavior to one when held against other guns in the gave vs their real world counterparts. It behaves more like a 9mm 1911 then a Beretta. The N9 has WAY too much recoil to be a beretta. It also has the “kick back recoil” of a 1911 where the slide slams so hard while cycling that it negates some of the recoil. Beretta does not have this or need it. The N9 has alot of 1911 trates hence why i called it a child of rather then being an actual 1911. The N9 also has the accuracy and groupings of a desert eagle.

The devs may have tryed for the N9 to be a Beretta but thats not how it turned out.


None of this seems right to me. I am pretty sure the “default” mag for the 1911 is 7 rounds. Even modern 1911’s use a 7 round mag similar to how it was originally designed. Even modern 1911’s in combat use a 7 round single stack. Double stacks exist, but I am almost positive they are by no means the “default”

As fo the Beretta being a single stack default. What? As far as I can tell, the beretta 92 was originally designed and has mostly been used in the versions with a 15 round double stack.

If you can provide sources that either of these things you said is actually correct

(2nd time i have actually asked for sources on your gun “info” you have stated. 0/1 rn)


Yeah, regular 1911s hold 7 or 8 rounds and regular Beretta 92s hold 15. No idea what @yamibelle is talking about.

There are double stack 1911s but that’s a more modern thing and certainly not something we would see in GZ.

So because it has a lot of recoil, that makes it more like a 1911 than a Beretta?

The n9 is literally just a nato beretta.

Don’t confuse nato with us army. :wink:

Interesting article with an important sidenote:

It officially entered service in 1990.

My bad, meant nato spec, because they did try to get it in that as well.

Officially. It had been in service since 1985.

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I love it when the weapon discussions go into nerd overdrive :wink:

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  1. True, you do only have 7 rounds. However I’ve used the .44 magnum extensively and considering it has a 6 round capacity with a low fire rate I don’t think that argument really holds water. Especially since .44 magnum revolvers are typically used more for hunting and you can still slay with it in combat.

  2. You’ll find that “combat stress” is negated when you only need to hit your target once to make it incompatible with life.

  3. The desert eagle has a lot of good knock-down power, so it would deffinatelly be a great addition to the game in my opinion. We need guns with some more oomph. I’m tired of the 9mm pop guns. I basically only use the .44.

Re number 2 you will find “combat stress” put back on the table when you cannot even fire 1 shot. Yes they at times can be that bad under combat conditions. I have even seen it under competition conditions. For a desert eagle to be garenteed to work it needs to be babied. I have seen a single grain of sand lock up the trigger.

Part 2 of all of it. We are faced off against toasters not humans. For any of your whole “you only need 1 shot” to be valid the same need be true about the pvg 90 actually more true considering the pvg has more stopping power.

Every single game that has a desert eagle has done them horribly wrong all the way to the point people normally think “its such an amazing combat gun” and “its one of the worlds best combat guns”
A 1911 has just as much stopping power as a desert eagle with a combat reliability standing that very few can stand against excluding the renowned AK-47

I spend almost all my uranium on 9mm shock ammo. The only way I get some real mileage out of the N9.

.45ACP has nowhere near the stopping power of .44 Magnum and certainly not .50AE.

The 1911 isn’t as reliable as you think, either. When the US Military was testing various pistols to replace the 1911 in the 80’s, the 1911 was recorded as being able to fire an average of 162 rounds in between stoppages.

In contrast the SIG P226 was able to fire 2,877 rounds between stoppages and the Beretta 92 (which won the trial and became the M9/N9) had an average of 1,750 rounds between stoppages.

Thats a colt 1911
I have seen personally a paraordance 14x45 1911 chew threw 1000 rounds without issue. 1015 to be exact. Or it might have been 1030 or 1010 the point was enough mags to go over 1000 rounds. It could have been a 1 off.

I have also seen 1911s fire “45 magnum” rounds while admittedly these rounds are hand load custom its been done.

I have also seen a 1911 custom chambered to .50 AE and it still way out performs the eagle on reliability.

The eagle is a target shooter not a combat gun

Deagle + .50 AE FMJ = bonk

1,000 rounds without failure isn’t really that impressive. Like I said, in 1984 the P226 on average was able to shoot 2,877 rounds between failures. And there’s a lot of guns that can do way better than that. But my point is that 1911s are generally not very reliable guns. Certainly not world renowned.

Well, you can do the same thing with any caliber, make a crazy super ‘Magnum’ load.

On that we can agree, the Desert Eagle was basically designed as a meme gun and is totally impractical. Certainly wouldn’t be abundant in a rural Swedish island in the 1980s either.

Although it is an icon of 80s action movies, I just don’t think it would fit in the game. Then again, we just got a homemade flamethrower so…

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