Continuous Loading screen (when fast travelling)

**Description:**when I logged into the game it works fine but when I fast travel to a safe house I get stuck in the loading screen. Been waiting for 20mins now.

**Steps To Reproduce:**load game then fast travel to any safe house.

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**Host or Client:**PS4

Players in your game: single player


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Having the same issue :frowning:

**Loading screen stuck after fast travel
**Single player

Additional info: Initial fast travel from Skvadern to Björntunet worked, traveling back locks the game up (stuck on loading screen)

travel to a safe-house in the middle, that’s what I had to do, then travel to were you were going

encountered this a few times now since this morning. I have had crashes during fast travel but this is a first for the infinite loading screen.

I can’t even travel after I login. When the game starts I try to fast travel somewhere random each time and yet I can’t. I just sit in the loading screen. I guess I should the fast traveling then.

Same here. Really tired of all these bugs.

I have the same issue since last update. I play Co op with my girlfriend and it has happened to us about 1 out of every 4 fast travels. Maybe more often. It’s nearly unbearable. As anyone knows fast traveling is necessary to make GZ a playable game.

Merged reports into one thread, and adjusted title.


Just an update to my last post in this thread.

After my last post to this thread I rebuilt the database and cleared the cache on both mine and my GFs PS5 and then freed some space on my storage by deleting unused games. After playing GZ for 4 days or about 12 hours, I have had 0 load screen freezes and my GF has only had 1. This after the load screen freezes (when fast traveling anywhere) would happen 1 to 3 times on any given session to both of us.

Could be nothing? But I thought I would try and it seemed to help with this issue.


I just had this in one session, after some heavy battles and running around from west of north coast to the center of forest region…along with some other issues.

After a restart everything was fine again, so it seems that something is using memory very extensive.

Added some details on this thread that should probably merged here as well.

Not sure if this has any relevance, but I have been hitting this bug frequently whilst playing with my two friends, but neither of those has encountered it once in that time. I have both of the expansion DLCs, they have neither one.

Im having the same issue. Made an account just to report the bug Im glad others have noticed and its not just me

Same issue had happened to me, a few times.
On Xbox one.

Same issue, another guy I play with and I are having. We’re both on older XB1 consoles.

The issue seems to be pretty random. Sometimes it happens the first time we try to fast travel, other times it happens a while into the play session. Sometimes it happens to whoever is hosting, sometimes it happens to whoever is the guest. Doesn’t seem to be related specifically to any safehouse/location, just appears to be random on that end as well. Nothing conclusive that we can figure.

But this means that I would lose all my process, right?

Not at all. Rebuilding the database and clearing the cache does not affect save data or game data.

Google rebuilding the database and clearing the cache if you want to learn more. It will not delete your progress at all.

One benefit is that it helps prevent game load freezes and similar errors, among others. You should do this about once a year especially if you download, delete and reinstall multiple games often. I personally have a grand total of 3 freezes since I did this and it’s been over a week I think (I play every day for about 2 hours or more). As I stated in my original post, I was getting 1 to 4 on every session before I did this. Maybe it’s just luck… But it sure seems to have helped me.

Thanks, I will try, because this game without fast travel is very boring.

Of course. Let me know if it helps at all. I’m curious if it really works and I haven’t just gotten lucky with the freezes lately.

Obviously there is still something that needs fixing on GZ’s end and hopefully they will patch soon, but if rebuilding the database and clearing the cache helps a little until then I think it’s worth trying!

Cache clearing, etc, does seem like pretty sound advice, even if it isn’t 100% effective. It’s just good practice to do that sort of stuff, every once in a while. Like defragging a computer.

Or cleaning out a cat box…

Preventative maintenance, works better when regularly performed!

I might have found one particular safehouse/camp that has a higher chance of fast travel lockup problems. Rusaberget Lake Camp, I think it is? Just north of Sandbo, border of the Mountains and Farmlands regions…

Attempting to fast travel from there has caused me trouble more often than anywhere else I’ve been lately, and yesterday having my guy there prevented me from joining other players in co-op on several occasions. I thought for a moment that it might be something to do with elevation changes, or obstacles nearby somehow preventing fast travel, but I wasn’t able to nail anything down conclusively on those ends. I wandered away from there, fast traveled successfully to Minken or some other place, then I was able to successfully join the session the other players were in.