Control points / rival status changed after multiplayer session (Xbox / Windows)

Xbox Series X / Windows PC

I just launched the game to find all of my control points reset to neutral (except Tylöveden), 20+ rivals gone and the reaper I had on Himfjäll gone.

Every single control point was a fully entrenched FNIX base, and I had 3 regions with 8 level 4 rivals plus a few others dotted around.

On closer inspection I’ve realised that my map seems to have taken aspects of the map of a host player that I played with earlier today.

Steps To Reproduce:
My son has a save on his profile and we played multiplayer earlier, him on PC with me on Series X. I just launched his game to check that the weapons and medkits I gave him saved correctly, and then I closed the game and relaunched under my profile.

Now the control points status and my rival counts & locations reflect my son’s world and not mine.

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