Xbox - Save files on different accounts are sharing aspects of world state

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Certain qualities of a user’s “world” save aren’t being sandboxed correctly, with aspects of it being shared across different users on the same device.

I have a save game / world dating back to 2019 on my profile. Back in January my son created a save on his profile. Note: These are entirely different user profiles / Xbox live accounts that happen to be on the same Xbox, NOT different players on the same world save.

My son switched to his profile and resumed his progress this morning. He’d not played for a while and as his save is a relatively new world he was surprised to find that he had a Reaper on his map and called me over. As soon as I looked at his map it became immediately obvious that his world had taken on aspects of my main save, linked to my own account.

Here you can see my save;

Note the 8x rivals in the Marshlands, level 23, 17,422 points, see the Reaper on the edge of the Forest region bordering the Farmlands.

…and now my son’s save;

He’s never set foot in the Marshlands region, yet here we are with 8x Rivals, level 23 with (you guessed it) 17,422 points. Reaper present and correct on the border of the Forest and Farmlands. In fact, every region reflects the same score etc.

I have a feeling that this relates to (and is the possible cause of) a bug I reported earlier in the year, and one that almost killed my interest in playing GZ further where after playing multiplayer (on different devices) one world state seemingly overwrote another. In fact, it’s my guess that multiple accounts located on the same device share aspects of the world state. (both worlds are ‘world 1’ of our respective accounts).

This is a crippling bug, as neither of us can play without impacting the other’s save directly.

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But that just happens if you play together, one as host and one as guest? Or does this just happen because you share the same console but with different accounts?

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The first time I noticed it I assumed it was something multiplayer specific as it was the first time we’d played together, but no it doesn’t appear to be related to multiplayer at all.

The incident in February was also the first time I’d had two separate accounts with GZ saves on a single device. I’d just used multiplayer to pass him some weapons & medkits.

Since then my progression has all been on Xbox, and my son’s account has barely played at all. Hence why I’ve just noticed it.

It’s definitely because we share the same console.

Even the first incident, though one of us was on a different device initially, the problem occurred the next time I played on console, it was only when back on the Xbox that the save state for regions, rivals etc. had been overwritten by that of my son’s world.

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