Could use some help - Norrmyra Artillery Base

Im stuck at Loot: 103/117, weapons: 2/3 and i cant, for the love of god, find the last loot nor weapon. Anyone have a pointer to a place that is somewhat “off the reservation”?

There’s already a thread like this

I am definitely spending too much time in Norrmyra. Found two weapons, the third one should be in the bunker behind the locked doors. Is there a mission to open the door ?

There is a rocket launcher on the roof of a green building, right next to the container with contraband.
You jump on a tank and to the roof from there.


Oh thanks. I have already got a gold granatgevar but I will go there to jump myself (I have good jump boosted shoes) while going for the side mission The Last Stand to discover what happened to some retreated Normyrra soldiers.
EDIT : Did it. A bit tricky, I jumped at the edge of an open door.

Is that the one on the coast? I’m just on my way there!

The big Normyrra Base is close to the coast, not exactly on the coast.
-2472.982, -3133.313

The weapons are inside the base, two in a marked container and the third as @0L0 said. I forgot the quality of the rocket launcher, I would say 4 crowns ?

Thanks for that. I’m currently sleeping in a boathouse on the coast, surrounded by three tanks, but they don’t know I’m there. I have to find a Fortress of some sort first and then the artillery base. But I shall keep bimbling down the coast, minding my own business. Do we know how long mines exist once you plant them? I have one and might use it to take out the nearest tank if I can work out its route. Provided the mine doesn’t disappear after thirty seconds!

Mines, like all other exploiding stuff stay on the ground until you log out of the game, then they disappear. You can pick them up back if unused, you can’t do it for radios nor flares nor hand grenades, of course :slightly_smiling_face:. However one land mine is way not enough for a tank. You need two mines for a green hunter and a lot more for a tank.
Edit : to pick up the weapons from the marked Normyrra container you need Contraband quest initiated.

I don’t know what that means! :stuck_out_tongue:

There is a side mission called Contraband but I did not know where to take it (=initiate). When I arrived to Normyrra base the marked container was locked. Then I visited all the green office buildings and found 3 missions which fulfilled too quickly for me to read the quest descriptions. Next, I tried once more to open the container and it UNLOCKED. I guess one of the 3 missions must have been Contraband.
The container is worth it, it is full of good stuff, weapons, ammo…

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Thank you - I shall search the buildings assiduously… :smiley:

Yes, there are plenty of them sometimes close to the limits of the base. The missions are usually in the left part of the building sitting on the table, like a journal or a note. Fortunately the base seems deserted and I was not attacked at all, after killing three runners and one orange hunter at the beginning.

Wow, I can hardly wait! The .270 rifle is a big improvement for the way I play…

I can understand that, I have the same way of playing: stealth, slow, risk limitation, lots of reasoning and few kills :grinning:

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Thank you for this reply. I took out the hunter and his pack of runners in this building and not once thought a weapon would be above my head. :sunglasses: