Could we get map inprovement instead of new content?

I think that we have got so much new content now so i thnk that the devs should try to in future updates to make the map more polished and detailed, but not more destroyed houses, i think more improvements of houses, town, civilian structures like harbours, stores, wharehouses and other buildings. And could we maybe get like diffrent military non useably wehicles to place in the bases.

That’s… exactly what they’ve been doing in the last 3 patches and in future patches as well?

From February update:


Our continued efforts to revamp the game world have moved into the North Eastern part of the Farmlands region. Just like in the past, we’ve given the area a facelift and made it look more lived in to help provide that sense of a fuller, more robust world.

That said, just general updates don’t do it justice. There are some rather interesting things to take note of in this area. As we look towards what else may be happening in Östertörn, this region of the map holds some clues to provide more of that world context.

From May Letter:

I believe @Swe111 is referring to this: Regarding inaccessible houses in map revamps

And to which, devs also responded:

There has also been feedback from the community about how these updates to the map have affected gameplay, mainly in relation to closing off houses. While we are aware of this, it was done to help address performance issues that were appearing in those affected areas. We are currently looking into different ways to be more strategic about this to avoid adverse effects in the future.

Link: News from the Team - May 21st | Generation Zero