Crafting Devices that arnt in

Hi im wondering if we could have the ability to craft adrenaline and radios,boomboxes,and any other devices we use along side finding them, for use to bring machines closer or to attrack them further, and the ability to throw explosvie cans at enemies and be able to also find and create new noise or sound devices like pulses as well as crafting EMP or electric charge systems, and can we have the ablity to craftfireworks,flares,sticky flares,and can we make that fuel cells cause some sort of damage to anyone and machines due to atm they do nothing at all

thanks hell

Probably going to be in the game at some point tbh but why craft them when they are so abundant anyway? (Except adrenaline but I don’t think that should be craftily anyway)

i rekon having the ability to craft them is a nice thing incase u need them and cant find them as quick in the middle of a fight atleast if u can craft anything that is in the game u can make then go and fight and make it easier to sustain urself and keep alive in the hard fights not running around chasing everything then go back

Personally I think that you shouldn’t be able to find sticky flares, you should be forced to make them. Same for EMP cells. You should be able to find car batteries and then craft them into EMP units.


i like your thinking @Hogge but id still keep them in but make it more harder to gain them, incase u cant find the crafting recepie for the sticky flares, but mostly i think we should be able to craft anything and everything due to the update we have for xbox to come and PC and PS that have the teirs of machines and new ammos why not have the full blown crafting along side it or before it would be an awesome thing to see, and ps bring back the easter egg under the light house it sucks we cant enter the sunken church or make it into a underground safehouse or move the safehouse from the shed to the sunken church would be an awesome thing to see :smiley:

You can enter the Iron Church again. :wink:

As far as crafting goes, all items in game have resource value when recycling them and some of them have crafting value as well. This indicates that at one point, devs may give us ability to craft everything in the game, including weapons.

I, personally, would love to get my hands on adrenaline shot crafting schematic. This is the only item that i’m in dire need. The rest, i can either craft (ammo/first aid kits) or find easily from the world.

Heyyy @Aesyle what you mean u can enter it again on the xbox its still blocked off, and no one can get in and ive tried with everything from bikes to explosive canisters to air to rockets to grenades everything i can think of how do u get back into the sunken church

Well, you didn’t specify that you play on Xbox. With this, you don’t have Resistance update which unlocks it again. Proof here: Easter Eggs Compilation - #270 by ezekiel

YAYY looking forward to the update when it comes thanks for the update matey

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